Squeaky & Plush Puppy Toys

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For all of the chewing and teething, your puppy has a softer side. Give them something to cuddle (or rip up…) with these plush puppy toys and squeaky toys. Plush puppy toys are soft on the teeth and comforting for those pups craving a companion, but they’re also soft enough to give your puppy something to tear at for stress relief. Squeaky puppy toys help them to build confidence in their bite, amp up their excitement, and give them feedback to continue to chase with every chomp. Our range of puppy toys helps keep their teeth and minds set in their own possessions, and hopefully away from yours! At Jollyes, you can find market-leading brands like Rosewood and Kong both in store and online. Not quite what you’re looking for today? No problem! Take a look at our chew toys, rubber and rope toys, and tough toys to find something your puppy will love with all its teeth and heart.