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Keep your furry little friend happy, full and satisfied with our extensive selection of degu, chipmunk and chinchilla food as part of our small pets range. Chinchillas and degus thrive on a diet rich in grasses, leaves and twigs - which, like some chews and toys, also helps to look after their teeth. Chipmunks need a diet rich in cereals, such as oats, wheat and barley and they also love nuts in small amounts. Pets like chinchillas and chipmunks have teeth that continually grow throughout their lives, so it’s important they have plenty of opportunities to file them down through gnawing on things. Chipmunk and chinchilla treats will help them do this, as well as feeding them plenty of untreated hay. Once you’ve found their favourite foods, make sure you find the appropriate small pets cage for them and stuff it with ample cage bedding to keep them snug. So whether you’re feeding a chipmunk, degu or chinchilla, we’ve got a huge selection of tasty food and treats for you to choose from. Shop the range today!