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Stock up on your fish's favourite, with our range of cold water fish tanks, filters, cleaning accessories, and tank decorations. For cold water fishes, it is essential to keep the tank at ambient temperature for a healthy environment, and to keep them away from heaters and windows as the sunshine can be harmful. Our cold water fish tanks come with a ventilation grill that helps to reduce moisture and keep the environment cool, as well as a fully integrated pump that keeps the water cycling! Shop our range of cold water filters to provide your fish with a cleaner environment. You can choose external power filters, which come in larger and more powerful options as cold water fishes tend to produce high waste, or go for a more cost-effective option with an internal filter. Combine this with an air pump to raise the oxygen levels in the tank. With liquid solutions that purify water and remove chlorine, our water treatment products can offer additional comfort for your fish, decreasing the likelihood of respiratory issues. Why not go the additional mile and boost your fish's immune system with our health products and cold water fish food? Shop our range of products containing vitamins and minerals that help fight illnesses and liquid composed of biocolloids to support the growth of healthy bacteria. As a finishing touch check out our tank decorations. Find plenty of cold water fish supplies and care essentials instore and online with Jollyes!