From modest beginnings

From modest beginnings in Enfield as a single store in 1971, Jollyes has grown into one of the largest chains of pet superstores with over 70 stores, across the United Kingdom and Ireland as well as a substantial Ecommerce fulfilment.

Jollyes offers everything from live animals, food, accessories, toys, pet homes, services such as dog grooming, washing and veterinary. It Is very much known for offering excellent service and advice and there is an instant ‘local’ feel to the stores which is enabled through the friendly, knowledgeable and passionate colleagues serving customers in store as well as the pet lovers that work in head office.

Expert staff

Jollyes customers speak warmly about store staff, who have a real affinity for pets, most being pet owners or just pets lovers. Colleagues are known for their in-depth knowledge and advice on all matters concerning pets. Many are specialist in specific animals or nutrition, and all are ‘pet people’, it’s a prerequisite to work with the Jollyes brand.


And if the customer doesn’t have a store nearby, they can find helpful advice on our website.

It is with this passion for helping pet owners and over 40 years of pet expertise that Jollyes became a great place for pet owners to shop and for pet lovers to work.