Hay & Straw

Hay and straw bedding is ideal bedding for pets like rabbits, chinchillas, and guinea pigs. It keeps your furry friends nice and snug, as the hay traps air in its many overlapping fingers and provides lovely insulation for outdoor animals. Filling your guinea pig or rabbit hutch with it - even if just in the bedroom compartment - will allow your small pets to get cosy and huddle together, simulating a little tucked-away burrow. Hay and straw is also absorbent, meaning that as it becomes more soiled, the muck will be secreted away until it is time to change it. It’s recommended that you change your rabbit and guinea pig bedding 1-2 times a week. Popular brands include Easy Feedz and Back 2 Nature, amongst many more available both online and in store with us at Jollyes!