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Rat and mouse food is more than just a block of cheese, surprisingly enough! Your little rodent friends need nutrients and natural ingredients to keep their digestive system healthy and their energy levels high so they can keep scurrying. Rats and mice may both be in the rodent family, but their diets do vary a little. Even though they’re small pets, rats consume way more food than mice because they’re bigger and omnivorous, so they love robust pet food, cheese, and protein. Mice, however, are smaller and daintier, so a healthy diet for them consists of more nuts, grains, fruit, and hay. Mix some pet food in from brands like Johnson’s, Rosewood, Vitakraft, and Critter’s Choice to keep them fuller for longer and you’ve got yourself one happy little rat (or mouse). Shop rat and mouse essentials, including bedding types and cages, with Jollyes in store and online today.