Filters & Filtrations

A tropical fish tank filter helps to keep your aquarium clean for your fish by removing debris and waste from the water. They usually use wool pads or sponges because of their porous yet tightly woven membrane. An aquarium pump pushes air bubbles through the sponge or foam to push water into your tank, and in doing so traps any floating debris or uneaten food in the fibres. The cleanliness of your tropical fish tank is paramount to your fishes’ health, because dirty water or floating waste could harm their habitat and themselves. Find tropical fish tank filters and floss here to use as refills for your current filtration system, or buy a new one to keep your fish happy. You need to rinse out your saltwater filter for your marine fish every week to remove the build-up of bacteria, but since you’ll likely be changing your saltwater every week (or using saltwater treatments), you can use this waste or run-off water. This helps maintain the bacterial balance in the filter and water, which will support the tropical ecosystem in your tank.