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As The Pet People, we want to offer you no nonsense advice for the care of your animals, be they big or small, furry or fanged. This is why we’ve put together a colourful resource hub so you can keep everyone - and everything - happy and healthy at home. So, take a moment to Paws For Thought with the Jollyes advice hub, where we aim to give pet owners the best advice to ensure the continued health and happiness of all of your animals. Here, you’ll find handy tips and tricks and questions and answers for all of your pet needs, like how to ease your dog’s anxiety or how best to groom your cat. You can find product recommendations for specific needs and requirements for your animals, from sensitive stomachs to fussy fur coats, to help you make the best choices for them, and of course some fun stuff thrown into the mix too. Stay up to date with the latest Jollyes news and pet care essentials by keeping an eye on our blog!