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Shop delicious and nutritious rabbit food for your bunnies right here at Jollyes as part of our small pets food range. We’ve got plenty to choose from, from natural hay and dandelion to pellets and nuggets with added fibre and nutrients. If you prioritise a natural diet for your rabbits, then you’ll love the packs of grass and hay we offer. Packed full of naturally occurring fibre, this grassy goodness will keep your rabbits gut healthy and their teeth healthy due to the crunching and chomping. Because grass is, obviously, readily available for plenty of wild rabbits, we’d definitely recommend stocking up on this so your bunnies can graze to their heart's content. Shop other bunny bounties - such as rabbit hutches and other rabbit care essentials from brands like Rosewood and L F J Millers - online and in store with your friends at Jollyes.