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Your local groomer is waiting to spruce up your furry friend! From a good wash to a full pamper. We're here for you.

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Because we care for your pet as much as you do.
At the Jolly Groomer we do dog grooming differently. We’ve got all the shampooing, clipping, brushing and blow-drying. We value the trust you put in us to groom your dog, and we prioritise your dog’s wellbeing over fancy grooming packages.

Fur brushed, nails clipped, prices trimmed
Pampering is important but not more important than the quality of your dog’s groom. We believe that keeping your dog happy and at their best shouldn’t cost the earth.

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The Jolly Groomer stands for value, without compromise and this is our mission, to do gog grooming differently.

There are a number of Jolly Groomers based in your local Jollyes across the country. Each groomer operates slightly different opening hours, so log into the customer portal for your local groomer to book your appointment today.

Our expert team of groomers are here to help and advise you so if you have any questions, let them know.

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Currently, our Spa and grooming services are open for dogs and puppies. Should we open this service up to any other pets, you’ll all be the first to know!

We can groom all kinds of breeds of dogs, from short haired to long haired. Each breed and fur type will be taken care of according to their needs - so short-haired dogs will receive the appropriate treatment for their coat, and long-haired something equally tailored to them. We stipulate we can work with little dogs - from 30cm and under - right up to the big babies that are 75cm! If you’re looking for a grooming service for dogs that are larger than 75cm, please speak to a member of the grooming team at your local Jollyes store to discuss what they can do for you.

That’s easy! All you need to do is call your local Jollyes pet store or enquire on your next visit to us to book in.

At the Jollyes Spa, we take care of everything. Our standard pack - the Bath & Brush Pack - offers a deep cleansing bath, shampoo, fur de-matting, blow dry and brush, and an ear cleaning. This offering is ideal for if your dog just needs a good old bath. However, our other packages include add-ons such as nail clipping and filing, paw butter, teeth cleaning, conditioning, a spritz of fancy canine cologne, and a fur trim groomed to style and breed. It depends what you and your pooch need - if it’s just a bath, then we’ll get the bubbles going, if it’s a brush, blowdry, and bouncy trim, we couldn’t be happier!

Dog grooming is definitely worth it for the health and happiness of your dog, yourself, and your home. Regular grooming can really improve your dog’s quality of life, because if their claws get too long they could cause discomfort when walking, leading to an altered gait and ultimately bad posture and movement. If their fur grows too long and thick, it could matt and trap dirt and bacteria, proving uncomfortable and an infection risk for your dog. A healthy coat also sheds a lot less and regular washing helps to keep skin free of rashes and irritation. If fur gets a little overgrown, they could overheat and be uncomfortable moving and on walks, as their mobility and comfort could be limited. Hygienic fur and skin decreases the risk of fleas, too, so there'll be no itchiness and discomfort for you and your dog.

Dog grooming isn’t just about washing, brushing, and cutting fur though - it's also about cleaning their eyes and ears. Any gooey bits (sorry) around their eyes and ears, if left untended, can quickly become an opportunity for bacterial infections and sensitivity, leading to an unnecessary vet visit. Of course, they’ll also smell lovely, feel lovely, and look lovely too!

We’d broadly recommend that you take your dog to the groomers every 4-6 weeks. However, for long-haired dogs we do recommend keeping their pampering topped up by brushing their fur at home once a week. This will stop them shedding in your house - ideal - but also ensure they’re not carrying excess layers of hair that will overheat them. This also lessens the chances of clumps, knots, or matts developing in long fur, so you won’t need to shave off an unexpected patch at your next grooming appointment!

This depends on the breed of dog and fur-type. For short-haired breeds like pugs, we may brush their fur to remove any shed hair rather than trim it before bathing them with shampoo and conditioner. For dogs with longer hair or curly hair - like labradoodles or retrievers - we may brush through and trim their hair a little bit before bathing them and then add the finishing post wash-and-dry.

It’s recommended you do some home dog grooming, yes, because this will help to keep them clean and happy between appointments. This could look like brushing their fur, using dog nail clippers, and using shampoos and conditioners to spruce up their fur. This will be handy for those one-off treatment bits you can do without the need for a full appointment - a quick bath because they’ve been on a muddy walk, or a quick nail trim that will only take 5 minutes.

As for trimming their hair and cutting it, this is something you’re welcome to do at home, but we’d always recommend a proper grooming appointment to make sure their cut will suit their breed, shape, size, and fur type. Remember that a grooming appointment can also clean their eyes and ears, their teeth, and even tidy up their paws, so our trained professionals do much more than just a blowdry.

Absolutely! Puppy grooming is a great way to get your pooch used to being around groomers, noises like hair dryers, and sensations like being washed or having their teeth looked at. This also means you can help them shed their puppy fur - which is super soft but gets everywhere! - and keep them sparkly clean during their adventurous tumbles in the back garden.

Of course, we anticipate most dogs that are either young or haven’t had many grooming appointments before might get a bit over-excited at the sights and sounds. This is perfectly fine, as long as your dog isn’t aggressive, we don’t mind a bit of splashing and barking. Bath day is an exciting day, who can blame them! We’re as happy to see them as they are to see us.

We sympathise with nervous dogs, because we know there’s a lot of stimuli at a grooming appointment. Unfamiliar sounds, smells, sights, and new people to meet might be a bit scary at first, so we do everything in our power to make them comfortable. We’ll fuss them, go slowly and quietly at a pace they're comfortable with, and provide ample treats to make sure they have an enjoyable experience. All we ask is that your dog isn’t aggressive to our staff members, and we can handle the rest. If you’re making an appointment for a nervous or timid dog, please let us know at the time of booking and/or when you drop your dog off so we can make any necessary adjustments to our handling of them. Playful dogs are super fun, but we can of course be huge softies for any nervous or senior dogs that would prefer a quieter afternoon.