Rubber & Rope Puppy Toys

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Rubber and rope toys for puppies are perfect for those more boisterous play sessions! Rubber puppy toys are sturdy and durable, providing plenty of substance but also just enough cushioning for puppies that are teething and need something comfortably challenging to sink their little gnashers into. Puppy rope toys, on the other hand, are ideal for getting other dogs or even yourself involved with a spirited tug of war. Interactive and competitive, puppy rope toys offer hours on end of give and take, push and pull, tug of war! Not dissimilar to our chew toys, this range from Jollyes is designed to get other people and pooches involved. If you’re looking for some solo playthings, then our tough toys and squeaky and plush toys are better for teething and chasing. Of course, a bountiful balance of all of our puppy toys is recommended for all those totally not spoiled puppies…  Shop popular brands like Kong and Happy Pet from Jollyes today!