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Even small pets need small treats! When your chipmunk, degu, or chinchilla have been extra good and on their best behaviour, of course you want to give them a little something. For chipmunk treats, you can dice up a bit of apple, carrot, or banana or simply scatter some treat pellets around the cage. Chinchilla treats, on the other hand, shouldn’t consist of fresh fruit and veg. Instead, prepared dried grass pellets and traditional rolled oats sprinkled on top of their bedding encourages natural foraging instincts. For degu treats, you want to avoid anything that is too sugary, which includes natural foods like carrot and beetroot. These can be given in small pieces as an occasional treat, but degu nuggets and some leafy greens will do just the trick. These animals shouldn’t eat rabbit treats or guinea pig treats, because their tummies handle different sugars and fibres differently. Keep your rabbit happy with their treats by hiding some in a pile of hay for them to dig out - banana, pear, and strawberries will be greatly received! - or give them a rabbit chew stick to keep them occupied. Keep your rabbit hutch an exciting place for them to be by keeping them occupied like this. Guinea pig treats need plenty of vitamin C in them, since guinea pigs can’t produce this vitamin themselves. This means you can chop up some spring greens, bell pepper, and tomatoes to keep them healthy as well as providing chew sticks and tasty treats from our range. Shop brands like Wagg, Rosewood, Johnson’s, and Vitakraft today with Jollyes both instore and online!