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Small as they are, your hamsters need some tasty hamster food to chew through to keep them spinning round that little wheel. They love their food - so much so, that they keep it in their cheek pouches and store it around their cage for later! If you see your hamster burrowing into its cage bedding with a face full of food, it’s likely they’re stashing it for a midnight snack. It’s so important to ensure you’re giving your little ball of fluff the right nutrition to thrive, so explore our huge range of hamster food to find the best one for your furry little friend. Feed your hamsters hay to keep their natural, fluffy instincts sharp and encourage foraging, and supplement this with tasty food drops, tasty treats, nuggets, and nuts. Hamster hay will also provide plenty of fibre, ensuring healthy digestion. We’ve got plenty of options from Johnson’s, Rosewood, Happy Pet and Beaphar for you to tick off quality hamster food from any shopping list. Shop all of your hamster care essentials here at Jollyes, including hamster cages, in store and online!