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Making sure your puppy has a safe area to play, relax or sleep encourages healthy behaviours as they grow up, can help to prevent separation anxiety and teach them to hold and strengthen their bladder and bowel muscles. A puppy pen or cage is the perfect solution for putting some boundaries in place between you, your home and your pooch. If you choose to let your pup roam free, but don’t want them to have access to all areas, then a puppy gate will contain your furry friend whilst still allowing them room to roam. Whether you prefer to use a puppy cage, pen or gate to enforce some boundaries for your pooch, you’ll find a great option at Jollyes. Consider making the area especially comfortable by adding toys, blankets and treats, so that your furry friend is happy to spend a lot of time there. However you choose to reign your puppy in - you’ll find a great solution from our collection, so shop the range today!