Low Fat & Weight Control Dog Food

Help your pooch maintain their weight with our excellent range of weight control dog food; designed with their health in mind. It can be really difficult making changes to your dog’s diet, so we have sourced a weight control range which tastes just as good as regular food, so your canine friend won’t know the difference! We also know that the maintenance of a healthy weight range is just as important as the initial weight loss and is vital to your pooch leading a happy, healthy life. Integrating our low fat dog food options into their diet is an easy way to keep them fit and full of energy, without depriving them of a satisfying, tasty meal. It’s worth exploring grain-free options too, as they’ve been proven to be a great, consistent source of energy. Find natural and frozen options from our extensive dog food range and consider mixing them into your doggy’s diet once they’re back in good shape.