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With pet dogs comes the responsibility of treating them for fleas. Whilst your furry companions are enjoying the great outdoors and rolling around in the grass, they can catch fleas and ticks, so it is important to keep on top of your treatments. If you spot fleas on your pup, you can treat them quickly with the help of Jollyes! We stock the best flea treatments for dogs to help you kill and prevent fleas and tick infestations. Dog flea collars are a quick and easy way of preventing infestations and can last up to 4 months! However, there are plenty of other flea treatments available too, such as flea shampoo, tablets and combs! Shop all flea treatments online today to give you peace of mind that your pup is protected from pesky fleas and ticks! Why not stock up on dog wormers as well? We offer a wide range of dog worming treatments so that you can pick the most convenient way to treat your dog! Shop our range of dog health treatments today to keep your pet healthy and happy!