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One of the undoubtedly small pets but equally mighty, gerbils need high-quality gerbil food to keep them cheeky and chirpy. Similar to their close cousins, the humble hamster, your gerbil needs plenty of natural and fibrous sustenance to keep them happy and healthy, which you can find right here from our stacks and stacks of food options. Choose from brands such as Wagg, Rosewood, Johnson’s, Vitakraft, and Critter’s Choice. You can supplement your gerbil food with fresh fruit like melon and apple, vegetables like cucumber and carrot, and pumpkin seeds. A quick tip though - make sure you check your gerbil cage and its bedding for stale food, as your gerbil will collect and store it for later whilst you’re topping it up with fresh goodies. Shop all of these essential gerbil care supplies in store and online with Jollyes today.