Puppy Chew Toys

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Puppy chew toys will help keep your pup’s little gnashers away from your possessions and furniture and firmly planted in their own teething materials. Chew toys for puppies help to relieve stress, boredom, and the uncomfortable growing pains of new teeth whilst giving your dog some mental stimulation, too. Made from materials like rubber and twisted fabric by popular brands such as Nylabone and Kong, puppy teething toys are more forgiving than robust, adult toys, with just enough firmness in them to make sure they last even the most excitable bouts of bites. As part of our extensive puppy toys range, these chewy and long lasting toys are suitable for puppies as they mature into adolescent and eventually adult dogs. If you’ve got a particularly excitable little pooch, you might also want to stock up on our tough puppy toys, tug-of-war essentials like rubber and rope toys, and chasing and fetching fodder like our squeaky toys. You can find everything you need for teething pups right here at Jollyes.