Kitten Grooming

Do you keep on top of grooming your kitten? Make sure your little fluff ball looks the part by ensuring that you regularly trim their nails, brush their coat and even give them a bath if they have been exploring in the great outdoors! Keeping your kitten groomed will help stay on top of any potential health problems and trimming their nails will hopefully stop your carpets from getting ruined. Regular kitten grooming not only keeps them looking presentable, but gets them used to it from an early age so they’ll be better behaved for adult trims. Whether you have a short haired or long haired kitten, Jollyes provides the right tools as part of your kitten grooming kit so that you can give your furry friend a proper pamper and keep their fur in purrrfect condition! We stock the best quality products so shop your essentials such as shampoos , brushes and nail clippers with us today!