Training Collars & Leads

Whether you’re training a new dog or wanting to make your walks together more manageable, dog training leads are a popular and helpful accessory for on-lead walkies! The benefits of a training lead for dogs are that they encourage your pup to stay close to you and they stop your dog from pulling, so it’s really worth considering for the start of your dog’s walking experiences. Some dog training leads have multiple lengths in one so you can adapt it for each walk, or you can pick up a short or long dog training lead if you know what you need! Training your new furry friend may seem like a minefield when it comes to behaviour and obedience, but at Jollyes, we have everything you need to help your new addition grow and learn. Also, consider picking up a whistle clicker, which is a really handy accessory to have when training your pup to respond to commands and to reward positive behaviour. Have a scroll online to discover more training tools for your dog, from toilet training essentials and training treats, to chewing and barking solutions! We’ve got everything you could need at prices to please your purse. Let puppy school begin!