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Dog toys are a great way of keeping your dog entertained by mentally and physically stimulating them. Work their brains and muscles at the same time with toys that will help them bond with you will keep them occupied for hours, letting them get a little exercise whilst relieving frustrations. For example, tug ropes can be great to introduce to your home if you have multiple dogs, as they can play tug-of-war together and give chase to the winner. Or, give them one of our puzzle toys with a concealed treat and watch them twist it around and around whilst they try to crack the code! Our range includes rubber and rope toys, activity and puzzle toys, chew toys, squeaky toys, and tough dog toys, so no matter what you throw and fetch your dog will be entertained. Brands like Kong are great for large dog toys, but you can still find some small dog toys for bitesize breeds and smaller yet for puppy toys. Shop dog toys with Jollyes to keep tails wagging and paws pouncing.