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Discover our huge selection of adorable cat bowls, including both cat water bowls and cat feeding bowls. If your furry friend eats too quickly, then why not pick up a slow feeder cat bowl to encourage them to savour their meals and avoid the dreaded hiccups? If your cat is still a precious little droplet of fur, then one of our smaller kitten bowls might be a better fit for both portion and paw size. Or, if your cat is elderly or has arthritis, take a look at our raised cat bowls, which can be a great option for felines with limited mobility and helps bring the food to them rather than vice versa. Here at Jollyes, we stock some of the best equipment for your little furry friends, so check out our cat water fountains and our food scoops and placemats to make sure you’ve got everything you need for meal times! Shop the full cat range today at Jollyes.