Kitten Beds

After a long day of being adorable, your feline friend needs a place to rest their weary head, which is why you definitely need one of these kitten beds. Soft and small enough to tuck next to the fireplace or in the corner of the kitchen, our kitten beds and blankets give growing kitties their own space to relax in. Giving your pet their own space is not only important for you and your home, but for them too, as it gives them their own sense of territory and somewhere to retreat to in a shared family environment. From plush cushion-sized options to radiator beds to kitten blankets, we have the right bedding to suit every space in your home from brands like Danish Design and Pet Living. Alternatively, if your kitten is starting to outgrow their last bed, it might be time to upgrade to larger cat beds so they can stretch out luxuriously. Shop with us at Jollyes online or in store today!