Fish Tank Aerators & Air Pumps

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Discover our selection of cold water fish tank aerators to keep your tank ecology healthy and to make sure your fish live longer and in better health! Since fish breathe by inhaling oxygenated water, water circulation and movement is crucial to ensuring an elevated amount of oxygen. The cold water fish tank, unlike oceans and rivers, does not naturally receive strong currents to keep the water moving, hence why aeration is essential to prevent water stagnation. Combine your fish tank aerator with natural methods of aeration by including live plants, corals, and algae, which release oxygen into the water. For optimal water flow, tanks with a larger fish load may need both an air pump and cold water fish tank filters, and check out our fish tank cold water treatment products if you want to make sure your water is always of the highest quality. Shop our collection of cold-water fish essentials to give your fish everything they might require here at Jollyes!