How do Groomers Get Dogs So Fluffy

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  • How Do Dog Groomers Get Dogs So Fluffy?
  • Use the Right Shampoo for Their Coat
  • Remove Those Tangles!
  • Blow Dries are Not Just for Humans
Some dogs can go their whole lives without a professional groom. It’s not a need or a necessity for most but there is a world of difference between bathing your pooch at home and picking them up from the salon smelling the best they’ve ever smelled and looking like a little cloud!
You can brush all you like at home but there’s little chance of being able to replicate the professional groom look. So, how do groomers get dogs so fluffy, you ask? It takes years of training and knowing what each individual breed needs, but continue reading and we can unmask some of their secrets for you.

How Do Dog Groomers Get Dogs So Fluffy?

There are several stages to getting a dog’s coat nice and fluffy and you can even do some at home in preparation for a trip to the groomers or if you’re trying to save money. Some dog grooming tips at home, whether you’re planning on taking your pooch to the groomers or not, is avoiding dirt build-up. Longer-coated pups need regular grooming for any knots from the coat. Their day-to-day brushing can be done at home to maintain their coat but if matting occurs, your groomer may need to cut some of their coat out. By brushing at home, you’re helping to maintain healthy, shiny fur.
Regular baths are also key to a fluffy coat, avoiding dirt build-up is paramount to that lightweight look. Next, the blow dryer is your friend. If you’ve ever let your pup’s fur dry naturally, you might notice it dries wavy or if you have a spaniel it can look like you’ve crimped their ears! Blow drying stops all of this, but without being a professional you may not be able to achieve that full-volume fluffy look!               

Use the Right Shampoo for Their Coat

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Dogs are just like their owners, not all shampoos are going to suit everyone. If you have thinning hair, you might use a thickening shampoo. The same stands for our pets, you have to find the right shampoo for their coat. Their coat contains natural oils and getting the wrong kind of shampoo can compromise or wash them away altogether.
Achieving a clean, fluffy look at home means finding the right products. For wire-haired pooches, a textured shampoo will help maintain the condition of their coat while giving them a fresh look. For white dogs like the Bichon Frise or Maltese, a shampoo like Furrish White Wonder Shampoo contains blue pigment that makes the white in their coat really stand out.
By getting the right shampoo, you’re already going to get a fluffier, more lightweight coat to work with! 

Remove Those Tangles!

Knotted fur will never give that fabulous, fluffy look. Knots and tangles only weigh down your pup’s coat and if left long enough can become uncomfortable, pull at the skin and develop into hard-to-remove mats. Regular brushing will help to maintain a healthy coat and keep away those tangles while removing any dead fur that is ready to be released.
With regular brushing from a young age, most pups won’t mind the process and some will even enjoy it. If your pooch isn’t used to it, start with slow sessions. Brush less sensitive areas first, like their back, before moving to beneath their legs and more sensitive places once they’re comfortable. You might even want to stock up on food bribes to reward them for staying still.
If you need a little help getting through their coat, there are shampoos and sprays to ease the detangling process. Sprays like the Detangling Spray help to loosen tangles before you brush them so you can avoid having to use any force.

Top Tips for Matted Hair

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If your pooch becomes matted, it’s always best to leave it to a professional to remove those uncomfortable, tight areas of fur. What you might have to cut out at home may even be a loose enough mat for your groomer to expertly remove without having to shave your pup’s coat. They will always try to save as much of the coat as they can and have tools to pick away at small pieces of fur to remove matted hair. Sometimes, if the mats are close to sensitive and thin skin, they will recommend clipping the coat short.
If your pup’s coat is excessively matted, it could be quicker and more painless to remove everything and start afresh, but your groomer will always tell you what is best for your beloved pet. The easiest treatment for matted fur is prevention with regular brushing at home to avoid it happening in the first place.

Blow Dries are Not Just for Humans

By now, you probably know the smell of wet dogs anywhere. An owner’s nose becomes a radar for knowing exactly when your pooch has splashed through a puddle or gone headfirst through the damp foliage. That musky smell can stick around when you air-dry them after a bath too! Air drying usually leads to your pup looking like they're on their way to a ’90s-themed party with crimped and wavy hair and blow-drying gives them the glossy, fluffy look instead.
While using a hair dryer on our own hair is easy enough, you have to be a little more careful with your pups, as dryers produced for humans often get too hot and they have no way of telling you if you’re damaging their fur or heating their skin past the point of comfort. Groomers have dryers specifically for dogs; they also have the experience and the technique to get the voluminous, fluffy coat you’re after.
If you want your four-legged friend to have the perfect pampering, the Jolly Groomer offers your pet their very own spa experience. With qualified, experienced groomers on hand, your pup will look like a whole new dog!