Dog Massage & Mud Bath - What You Need to Know


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  • Mud Baths are Not Just for Humans
  • Why do Dogs Like Mud Baths?
  • The Benefits of a Relaxing Massage & Mud Bath
  • Let the Professionals Get Down and Dirty
Humans know all too well the blissful relaxation of a mud spa treatment or even a mud mask at home – leaving your skin baby smooth after. It turns out, spa treatments are not just for humans! our beloved pets are able to get in on the action too with mud baths for dogs! That doesn’t mean going down the park and watching in dismay as your pooch rolls in the nearest muddy puddle.
Mud baths and a dog massage might sound a little extravagant, but if you want a grooming session that does more than just clean your pooch – they’re ideal to treat your beloved family friend too.

Mud Baths are Not Just for Humans

image of dog with muddy face
Bathing your pup and clipping their nails is one thing, but being able to treat your dog to a massage and a mud bath is on a whole other level. Many dogs love mud, except the one they choose to roll in usually contains all kinds of bacteria and dirt, that you don’t want in your home.
Instead, there’s the option of booking your muddy pup in for a mud bath and massage treatment. Without a single trace of mud on them but all the benefits of the bath! Mud baths are a calming, spa-like experience for your pooch which leaves them feeling refreshed and perfectly zen.
The mud used in our Groomer’s Ultra Mud Bath is not just any old dirty mud. It’s a specialised formula that includes vitamins and essential oils to complement their skin and coats. There’s a little more science to it than slapping some mud on your dog from the garden and hoping that does the trick!

Why do Dogs Like Mud Baths?

Dogs have always enjoyed rolling in mud - it’s a behaviour that comes all the way down from their ancestors, who would roll in interesting smells to bring home for their family members to smell. There are also murky links to their ancestors’ hunting techniques, often used as defence mechanisms!
Each pup is unique and bathing our beloved pets in strong-smelling chemicals may be our preference, but they might not appreciate the smell of baby powder as much as you do. Most dogs enjoy the natural scents from a mud bath. They’re more subtle and not made up of chemical compounds, to overwhelm their sensitive senses of smell. They’re the perfect blend of subtly balanced fragrances with natural ingredients, for both you and your pup to enjoy together!

The Benefits of a Relaxing Massage & Mud Bath

image of dog on basket
A relaxing mud bath and massage offers a whole host of benefits to your canine companion. To start, a soothing massage will help stimulate their blood flow – removing any aches and pains they have gained in sleeping in ‘ruff’ positions. Perfect for older hounds!
Not only are mud baths ideal for leaving your pup’s coat clean and full of moisture, but the naturally balanced solution is perfect in protecting them from bacteria & pollutants. Their skin is their first line of defence and keeping it rejuvenated will actively help keep unwanted pests away!
If your pooch is prone to allergies and irritations, they’re also excellent in soothing hot spots and areas of discomfort. The moisturising mud bath can help avoid dry flaky skin through the changing temperatures in winter – often leaving the skin irritated and dehydrated. Keeping them moisturised isn’t just pampering them, it will keep them healthy and glossy, especially as the colder months arrive.  

Let the Professionals Get Down and Dirty

The mud that professional groomers apply to your pet’s skin and coat is not just any ordinary garden variety of mud. It’s packed with Vitamins A, C and D to help maintain healthy, robust skin and coat.
image of dog in bath
Instead of getting mud all over your bathroom walls trying to replicate it at home, why not leave it to the grooming professionals at Jollyes? Simply drop off your four-legged friend and in a few hours, they’re home smelling clean & fresh! While you don’t have to worry about any of the clean-up.
The Ultra Mud Bath is a deep cleaning treatment. Not only does it include the relaxing mud bath and massage. You can have your dog’s coat conditioned, blow-dried, with their ears cleaned and plucked. Including nails trimmed, and teeth cleaned all in the same deal! Your beloved pooch will come home looking and feeling fresher than ever.

Prep Before Their Muddy Appointment

For the most part, you can relax and put your feet up as our professional groomers will be doing the dirty work. All you need to worry about is giving them a quick brush to remove any initial tangles from their coat. Mud baths work best when they can penetrate their coat and soak down to their skin, so the fewer tangles to start with, the better it works. 
Keeping your dog’s coat and skin clean, and healthy helps to not only keep them looking and smelling fresh but feeling good too. Try our range of grooming products to keep your pup looking as good as they feel. If you fancy putting your feet up, you can even book a treatment with our professional groomers at The Spa!