Looking After Your Pet’s Health This Winter


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  • How does Winter affect my pet’s health?
  • Why should I consider vitamins & supplements for my pet?
Being the best pet parent you can possibly be doesn’t just mean buying everything you need when you first bring them home and calling it a day. The world of pets is always shifting with different trends, and new advances in research allow us more of an insight into what they need. The food people would have bought for their pets generations ago would not have been as nutritionally valuable as the food we buy today. Times have changed and new recipes have developed to make sure they get everything they need.
On a smaller scale, you may notice that your pets need a little boost depending on the season. With winter on its way, you might find there are some changes that you need to make.

How does Winter affect my pet’s health?

While our beloved pets aren’t like the wildlife in your garden that will struggle to find food for the Winter, it can still be harder on them than in the Summer months. Colder temperatures mean that the heart has to work harder to circulate blood and more energy is consumed by trying to stay warm. Everything your pet does costs calories, the extra grooming to get their paws clean after being outside, shivering when they get too cold and on top of that, they’re less able to fulfil their exercise needs.

Walks are shorter, cats may choose to stay in and sleep the day away instead of going outside so they miss out on using their muscles or working their minds mentally.

Why should I consider vitamins & supplements for my pet?

While they’re getting less exercise during the colder months, supplements can help to keep them physically fit and well until longer daytime hours roll around again. The extra supplements and vitamins can help them to thrive, keep their immune system protected and make Winter a little easier on them overall.

For Your Puppy

Winter might be a difficult time for your puppy to grow and thrive so supplements like YuCARE Mega MultiVits Supplement for Young Dogs are great to help young puppies develop into healthy adults. Full of prebiotics, omega fatty acids and all the essential vitamins and minerals your pup needs, these chewable tablets will help start them off on the right foot.
For slightly older puppies at 24 weeks and older, they may need support in protecting them against allergies. ProDog Raw Protect Allergy Defence is a great addition to a dog’s diet to help them overcome any sensitivities and keep their gut healthy and in great working order. It contains turmeric root to soothe itchy skin and antioxidants to reduce any inflammation in the digestive tract.
For puppies who are growing in Winter, it can be hard to really get out there and meet their exercise needs so you may have very lanky-looking teenage dogs in the Winter months. A supplement like ProDog Raw Maximus Lean Muscle Builder that contains only human grade ingredients can really help to boost their development. With plenty of extra protein to help with muscle building and enriched with vitamins, your pup won’t miss out just because they can’t thrive as a pup in Summer.

For Your Kitten

To promote your kitten’s well-being when they’re growing up a little more restricted because of the short days, extra nutrients can really help them out. VetIq Nutriboost Kitten Treats are a tasty and nutritionally packed treats for growing kittens. With added taurine to help with eye and heart development and prebiotics to aid in gut health, these treats keep your fur baby healthy as they grow quite literally from the tip of their nose right down to their tails.

For Your Dog

For dogs who need some general support through the Winter, ProDog Raw Boost Natural Nutritional Excellence is a good option if their current diet just isn’t quite meeting their needs. Boost does exactly what it says on the tin and provides your pooch with any extra protein they might need to keep them healthy and strong. Their immune system, skin and coat and even their digestive system will get plenty of extra vitamins and minerals with this supplement. 
ProDog Raw Revive Recovery & Protection is made from a blend of vitamins, minerals and superfoods to help your four-legged friend regain energy and recover from strenuous exercise. If you have an active pooch that doesn’t even let Winter slow them down, the revive formula is perfect for dogs with busy lifestyles. It gives a boost to their performance which can be great for working dogs who don’t get to spend the Winter snoozing indoors and still have a job to do. Not only does it benefit their overall health but it acts as a natural parasite repellent.

For Your Cat

VetIQ Healthy Bites Hairball Remedy Treats For Cats and Kittens is the perfect dietary supplement for any kitties who may not be going out as much as usual in the miserable weather. Many diets for indoor cats contain extra ingredients to prevent hairballs because indoor cats with fewer places to go will usually spend more time grooming. Many cats who are able to go outside don’t spend anywhere near as long grooming themselves but they might need a helping hand in the Winter when they become less active and groom to pass the time.

For Your Senior Dog

As your beloved pooch gets a little long in the tooth, Winter can be harder on them, especially on their joints. The cold can really make getting out of bed a struggle for the best of us and any dogs with any soreness or arthritis already present can find it especially hard. ProDog Raw Flexx Mobility & Flexibility is packed full of everything your ageing pup needs to get through winter. It targets joint, cartilage and bone health to keep them feeling their best. Many older dogs can get dull, lifeless coats so it even works to condition coat health at the same time.
YuMOVE Tablets, Joint Care for Senior Dogs is another option for joint care in the Winter which has been proven to make a difference in as little as 6 weeks. It comes in palatable tablets so what you get will really depend on if your pup will take a supplement in tablet form or if they do better with it sprinkled over their food.

For Your Senior Cat

YuMOVE Joint Care Supplement for Senior Cats is great for older cats, especially during the Winter when they might get a bit stiff and sore. It contains a high concentration of vitamin E along with omega-3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation around the joints and keep them feeling comfortable.
No matter the age of your four-legged friend, you can find the supplements they need to keep them thriving this Winter in store and online.