Get Your Pet Into The Spirit This Halloween


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  • Halloween costumes: too cute to spook?
  • Stick to pet treats
  • Avoid overwhelming your party animals
Halloween is just around the corner and you’ve more than likely already got your outfit planned for the holidays, but don’t forget about your pets! We try everything we can to include our four-legged friends in every possible occasion and Halloween doesn’t need to be any different. There are plenty of ways to make sure your furry companion isn’t feeling left out from all the festivities and spread the Halloween spirit throughout the season. If your fur baby happens to be a black cat then say no more, they instantly become a Halloween black cat with no effort necessary.
If your beloved pet isn’t already a Halloween costume all on their own then the first place you can start to include them is with choosing a pet Halloween costume just for them.

Halloween costumes: too cute to spook?

There are lots of options for dressing your pets up for Halloween, some more intricate than others. One of the main things to remember is that it should be fun for everyone, furry family members included. If your pooch doesn’t like to wear a sweater when it’s cold out or your cat has never worn anything beyond their fur coat, they aren’t likely to love a stuffy costume that has leg holes or a hood.
When introducing something new to your fur babies, it takes time to build up their confidence around it. Positive reward-based training is necessary to create a positive association with what you would like them to wear so if you’re picking out a costume well in advance, you can work on getting used to it together. If they can’t get comfortable with their costume, then they shouldn’t be made to wear it.

Happy Howl-o-ween

Not all costumes are highly intricate or have a lot going on. If your pup is new to the world of fancy dress then choose from dog Halloween outfits that will not hinder their movement or throw them off too much. The Rufus & Rosie Super Hero Cape & Blaster is a great choice for medium to large dogs that includes just a superhero cape and a blaster toy for them to carry around. Most dogs will wear collars so having a cape will be a walk in the park as far as getting used to it.
For the smaller pooches who still want to join in on the Halloween spirit, they can wear the mystical Rufus & Rosie Magician Cape & Wand.

Cat O’lantern

The Rufus & Rosie Super Hero Cape & Blaster in small to medium is a great choice for moggies who don’t want to wear anything too intense. The lightweight cape will have them living their best superhero life while not getting in the way of their usual range of motion. Going from usually just wearing a collar to expecting them to wear a whole outfit might be a little much for them, but a fun cape will be far easier for them to adjust to.

Stick to pet treats

What is easily the best part of Halloween? The sweet snacks! Even if your four-legged friend doesn’t want to look the part and join in with the fancy dress, they can still enjoy some snacks. It’s important to keep any human snacks away from your non-human family members! There are several ingredients in human food that our furry friends should not eat and understanding what ingredients to stay away from will help in keeping everyone safe this Halloween.
Chocolate and artificial sweeteners are just two of the common ingredients found in Halloween sweets that should not be shared with your pets. Instead, why not get them their very own treats so they can stay safe while enjoying the day?

No tricks, just treats

They might not be very spooky but Good Boy Pawsley & Co Crunchy Chicken & Rice Bones are nutritious, air-dried treats great for spoiling your pup this Halloween. Made with just chicken breast and rice, they’re healthy and lean so you don’t have to worry about them piling on pounds after just a few treats!
If dogs often join in with the Halloween trick-or-treating then you might want to stock up on treats to share with the neighbourhood dogs. This very spooky Hollings Tub Of Sprats is perfect for handing out Halloween treats to all of the local good puppies.

Paws off the treats, witches

Your feline family members may not be able to join in knocking on doors and are generally best kept indoors but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a few extra tasty treats to enjoy the evening with you. No cat can turn down a Dreamies Mega Tub Chicken and with 350 grams, this should easily last more than just the evening.
If you want something longer lasting to keep them busy, the Webbox Cats Delight Lick-E-Lix with Chicken is a great option. It can be used to spread on a licki mat and keep them occupied and stress-free.

Avoid overwhelming your party animals

One big consideration that pet parents need to remember is to make sure the evening is not too stressful for anyone. While you may enjoy lots of people coming to the door to collect sweets, your pets might not love how busy the night is when they’re used to settling down as soon as it gets dark. Some of our four-legged friends may need a little bit of help remaining calm throughout the evening. To prevent your pup from feeling unsettled, you can swap out their treats for Wellness CORE Reward Calming Duck Dog Treats. They contain passionflower and chamomile to help soothe your anxious pup.
For longer-lasting help with keeping their worries at bay, the Adaptil Calming Dog Collar gradually releases pheromones that are similar to those their mother would have given off which helps to calm them. The Beaphar Calming Spot on for Cats is a great option for feline family members who struggle with busy periods and can help keep their anxiety from peaking for up to a week! For the best Halloween you can share with the entire family, including the four-legged members, find everything you need in store and online.