Dog Cooling Mats: Everything you Need to Know


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  • What is a Dog Cooling Mat?
  • How do Dog Cooling Mats Work?
  • What are the Benefits of Cooling Mats?
  • How to Choose the Best Cooling Mat for Your Dog
  • Measure Up
  • Consider Practicality
  • Comfort is Key
  • Other Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool

Everything you Need to Know About Dog Cooling Mats

Summer is well and truly on its way and as the temperatures start rising, it’s important to ensure you’ve got everything you need to keep your fluffy little friend comfortable and happy.
Keeping your dog cool during the warmer months is a big responsibility for any pet owner. Whilst there are plenty of ways to keep your pooch cool and calm when the sun makes an appearance, one of the best ways to do so is with a dog cooling mat. But what exactly are cooling mats and how do they work?

What is a Dog Cooling Mat?

If you’ve never heard of one before, a dog cooling mat is a product which has been specially designed to lower your dog’s temperature to keep them cool and prevent overheating during the warmer months. They can be especially useful if you have no air conditioning, or if your pooch is particularly susceptible to the heat.
Many owners opt to use a dog cooling pad to reduce the risk of their pet overheating, which can eventually lead to conditions like heat stroke or dehydration.

How do Dog Cooling Mats Work?

Most pet cooling mats tend to be made from a special gel-like formula, which are pressure-activated and work to release thermal energy through absorption. To put it simply, they absorb the thermal energy from your pooch, which cools the mat down to a much lower temperature – around 10° lower than the external environment.
Cooling mats, such as the Crufts Pet Cooling Mat, can be used for around 3-4 hours. However, once your dog has cooled sufficiently, the mat will need to ‘recharge’, which takes around 15 minutes.

What are the Benefits of Cooling Mats?

Aside from keeping your pooch cool in the warmer weather, cooling mats can also be beneficial for dogs with certain health issues, such as:
  1. Epilepsy

  2. Allergies

  3. Skin Conditions

  4. Recovery after treatment or surgery

  5. Arthritis or joint issues

If you’ve got an older pooch a cooling mat can be a great option, as the cold may be able to reduce swelling and inflammation around their joints and decrease any pain associated.
Similarly, using a cooling mat for 48 hours after surgery is thought to help to reduce any inflammation around the operated area, speeding up recovery and minimising pain to keep your pup as comfortable as possible.

How to Choose the Best Cooling Mat for Your Dog

There are plenty of dog cooling mats on the market, so when you’re deciding which one is best for your pet, there are a few main factors you’re going to want to keep in mind to ensure your pooch can make the most out of their cool new mat. From size to comfort, these are some of the most vital things to consider.

Measure Up

Having the right sized mat is quite possibly the most important factor when buying a pet cooling pad.
If the mat is too small, your dog isn’t going to reap the full benefit, simply because they can’t lie on it properly – it needs to be able to keep their whole body cool! Equally, you need to make sure the mat isn’t too big if you’ve got a smaller pooch, as it may not be efficient – especially if it’s pressure-activated.
Another factor to consider when it comes to the size is where you’ll be putting it. If you plan to put it inside your dog’s crate, then you should start by taking the dimensions of that to ensure your cooling mat will fit.

Consider Practicality

Practicality is a huge consideration when it comes to finding the right cooling mat for your pooch. You need to decide how you’ll want to use it, for example, do you need to be able to move it around easily, or will it stay in one place? If you’ve got a dog who loves getting muddy, then you need a material that can be cleaned easily.
All of these factors are key considerations to make sure you can get as much use out of your mat as possible.

Comfort is Key

Now comes your dog’s opinion!
Perhaps the most important factor to consider is the comfort level the mat can offer, because even with all of the above features taken into account, your dog may simply not find some mats comfortable to lie on! Try to aim for a mat that’s either soft to the touch, or has plenty of padding for that extra comfort factor.

Other Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool

When you’re trying to keep your dog cool in the summer, you don’t have to rely on cooling mats alone! There are plenty of other items that can help to keep their temperature down on the hottest days, such as cooling vests and collars and even cooling toys!
Cooling vests are usually soaked in cold water and put into the fridge or freezer for a little while, before being wrapped around your dog using Velcro straps. This helps to keep your dog cool wherever they go, rather than requiring them to lie down on their mat at all times – this is a bonus if your dog is particularly boisterous and loves to run around!
Cooling toys such as water sprinklers and freezable toys such as the Rosewood Chilla Soak Shark are perfect for your pooch to play with during those summer heatwaves. Simply fill with water and freeze overnight to make play time that little bit cooler!
Whether you invest in a cooling mat for your pup, or go all-out with cooling toys and vests – your dog is sure to thank you when the hot weather arrives! To keep your pooch happy all year round, make sure you explore all of our dog accessories so you’ve got everything you need to keep their tails wagging with glee.