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  • What are natural dog treats?
  • What are the benefits of natural dog treats?
Treats are an important part of life, for dogs and humans alike. If we lived purely from our nutritionally balanced means and had nothing extra, our diet would get boring. It’s no different for your pup. While they’ve evolved to eat the same balanced meal every day and don’t get tired of it, they still need some sort of excitement in their day to day. Treats are not just a great way to mix it up a little for your beloved pets, they can also help in building a bond, training and keeping them entertained when you can’t give them your undivided attention.
If you’ve been wondering what natural treats are and how you can incorporate them into your four-legged friend’s daily routine, you’ve come to the right place. We have all the information you need on the benefits and the best natural dog treats.

What are natural dog treats?

Picking out a natural dog treat is similar to getting yourself a punnet of strawberries or a nice trail mix instead of opting for sweets and crisps! Many treats go through quite an intense cooking process that combines lots of ingredients and additives to give them an appealing colour or make them stay fresh for longer. The best natural dog treats use human grade ingredients with a list of ingredients that you can easily understand so you know it’s not packed full of various additives. Just like humans eating a healthy diet, healthy and natural treats can give your pup’s diet a boost without the downsides of treats that pile on the pounds and very little else.

What are the benefits of natural dog treats?

Everything should be fed to your precious pooch in moderation and this includes treats but natural treats offer some important benefits that every run of the mill treat might not. Natural treats are great for giving your canine companion something a little special that isn’t going to be detrimental to their health. Many pet parents are removing highly processed food from their best friend’s diet. Cutting out things like rawhide chews and going rawhide free can benefit their health but you can't just take something away and not provide a replacement if you want your pup to still have something they love.

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This is where natural treats come in useful. If you want to do away with high fat or highly processed foods then natural treats come in lots of different shapes and sizes to find something suitable for everyone.

No nasties

If you’re at all worried about the food you’re giving your dog and what it contains then natural dog treats are an excellent option. Natural dog treats are free from additives like colouring and preservatives. They’ll usually give a good boost of protein but tend to be a leaner choice of treat. Too many treats of any kind can cause your pup to become overweight but natural treats like Lifestage Prime Chicken Fillets are low in fat and great, even for pooches watching their waistline!
Natural dog treats are often made with very few ingredients so that you can easily understand what you’re feeding your pets. Most natural treats have just one protein source like the Walter Smith Lamb Trachea Dog Treat. Understanding exactly what animal your chosen treat comes from makes it easy to avoid giving your pooch a treat that may contain something they’re sensitive to. Processed treats could be chicken flavoured but they can still contain other sources of protein. To avoid reading the back of every pack of treats you shop for, getting natural treats can be a much more simple and effective way of avoiding particular ingredients that your pup’s tummy might not like. Many are naturally hypoallergenic so your pup can enjoy them without a risk of a reaction.

Health benefits

You may view treats for your dog as just that, a bonus, a cheeky little addition to their daily intake of food but it doesn’t have to be like that. You can feed your pup treats as part of a healthy diet and they don’t have to be nutritionally empty. They can instead help your pooch in so many ways. Natural dog treats are excellent for dental hygiene. A rabbit’s ear like T. Forrest Dried Rabbit's Ear With Hair might look a bit gnarly to us but it can help to scrape plaque from the teeth, helps aid your pooch as a natural dewormer and reduces anxiety. Chewing is a great way to relieve stress so not only is your beloved pet getting a boost of fibre to help with digestion and keeping busy for an hour but they’re also relaxing and ridding themselves of any anxiety.
You can tailor your selection of natural treats to exactly what your pooch needs. To give your pup some vital healthy fatty acids to promote healthy skin and coat, you can feed them Hollings Natural Chicken Feet for Dogs. Long lasting natural chews like Hollings Natural Large Trachea contains glucosamine which helps to keep joints nice and healthy. If you provide a range of different natural dog treats, you can give your pup a multitude of benefits and help to keep them healthy with shiny eyes to a happy wagging tail.

Great for training and chewing

One of the greatest benefits of natural dog treats is just how versatile they are. You might have stumbled across the odd chew here and there but once you realise just how big the selection is, you’ll be trading out every bag of treats for natural ones to give your beloved pooch the best nutrition you can. All natural dog treats are for small and large dogs alike. If you have a tough chewer and struggle to find them something that lasts, an Antler Natural Stagbar is nice and tough and helps to keep teeth nice and clean. If you’re looking for a training treat then Hollings Tub Of Sprats are an easy to eat treat that can be broken into pieces and get lots of repetitions out of your best friend. They’re nice and smelly so they will catch your pup’s attention and have them learning new tricks in no time. You don’t get much higher value than a tasty sprat!

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From hours of chewing to a quick training reward or a bedtime treat to settle down with, there’s a natural dog treat for every situation. Shop our wide range of natural dog treats in store and online to give your pooch all the benefits of going natural.