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Your local store License number: PS0022

YOUR STORE Jollyes Flint Aug 1995

Our Jollyes pet shop in Flint can be found at the Flintshire Retail Park, open 7 days a week and as late as 7pm on weekdays. Bring your pet into store so they can have a look around and choose a new toy, and speak to a member of our team for some expert advice on what might suit their breed, age, and needs. Our Flint pet store has free parking and a free carry-to-car service, so if you need an extra pair of hands to help take your shopping out to your car then we’ll be happy to help. Prefer to shop online and pick up later? Fine by us, simply click and collect your shopping at a time convenient for you. You can even pick up your pets’ medication in store too, making Jollyes Flint your one-stop-shop for all things dog, cat, fish, reptile, bird, and more!

North Clwyd Animal Rescue

North Clwyd Animal Rescue

North Clwyd Animal Rescue (NCAR) is a registered charity founded in 1978 by Anne Owen. From one thin little Lurcher, we now care for over 1800 domestic pets a year. We have grown to meet these new demands and with the current economic situation these services are vital for the wider community.

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Meet Dave

your friendly store manager Meet Dave

“I want to ensure the customer gets the best service”

    What is your favourite dog park?

    Unleashed - Mostyn

    Favourite item in store?

    Julius K9 harness

    Favourite pet friendly café or bar?

    Coach & Horses Flint Mountain


    Slip leads can be used as a figure of 8 to stop dogs pulling


    Licky Mats can be used for cats as well as dogs


    Kong can be frozen to last longer or as a cooling aid in winter


    Frozen water bottles can help keep small animals cool


    When maintaining fish tanks never remove more than 25% of the water in one go.

    About me

    Been at Jollyes for eight years.

    My Pets

    Dog Zuma Cocker Spaniel, Cat Jack

    • 1 dog

    Your local team

    Kate Animal lover
    Charlie Zoo Keeper
    Kieran Cat Man
    Rach Reptile Rach

    Pet friendly places

    Moel Famau

    Moel Famau

    Local high point its peak is 554m.

    Loggerheads County Park

    Loggerheads County Park

    Gateway to the Clwydian Range

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    Coastal Path

    Coastal Path

    8 mile walk Flint Castle to Bagilt along the River Dee.

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    Talacre Beach

    Talacre Beach

    Local dog friendly beach

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