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Your local storeLicense number: LIC/2/11/24

YOUR STORE Jollyes Bristol Warmley Sep 2021

At Jollyes Warmley, in Bristol, our shelves are always stocked and full of affordable pet care products. Whether you’re looking for your dog’s specialist brand of food or your cat’s next favourite toy, we’ve got plenty of the biggest names ready for you to shop. From food, treats, toys, bedding, cages, crates, supplements, tanks, and first aid supplies, our Warmley pet store helps you keep your companions happy and healthy. We provide free parking and a carry to car service to make shopping big or bulk-bought items that much easier to transport, and you can even pick up your pets medication with us too. Bring your pet into the store and make an appointment at our community pet clinic for affordable access to a local vet. As part of our promise as The Pet People, Jollyes Warmley places your pets’ wellbeing as our top priority.

Bristol Animal Rescue Centre

Bristol Animal Rescue Centre

Bristol A.R.C. has been caring for the city’s pets and wildlife since 1887, helping, healing and homing over 14,000 vulnerable animals each year. We are the longest-standing and largest local animal charity, and although we are proud to be affiliated with the RSPCA, we receive no automatic funding from it. We rely entirely on local support within the community to fund our vital work. Registered Charity Number. 205858


Meet Mike

your friendly store manager Meet Mike

“I want to ensure the customer gets the best service”

    What is your favourite dog park?

    Oldland Common

    Favourite item in your store?

    Grass Edable House

    Favourite pet friendly cafe or restaurant?

    The Midland Spinner

    Favourite pet friendly shop?

    Cadbury Garden Centre


    First pet

    When you are considering getting your first pet guinea pig, think about getting two!


    Guinea Pig Food

    Give your guinea pig a varied diet to ensure good health high Vitamin C


    Guinea Pig Handling

    Regular handling is a good way to build a strong bond and trust, they love to snuggle 



    Be wary of keeping two boys together though, as they sometimes fight.

    About me

    Love of all animals. Keen to ensure the customer gets the best service and leave the store happy. Believe in supporting the local community.

    My Pets

    Guinea Pigs

    • 2 Guinea Pigs