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Sunday 17 July 2022

Jollyes To Launch Operation Cool Dog as Britain Breaks Temperature Records

Stores ready with cooling products and tips on how to keep pets comfortable. Jollyes has free doggy ice cream and full water bowls for those that need to stock up. But this is probably the only time Jollyes would prefer pets at home!

Jollyes today (Sunday 17 July) will launch Operation Cool Dog in anticipation of record temperatures this week across the UK.

It’s urging shoppers to make sure their pets have a cool spot at home – probably the only time it will recommend ‘pets at home’.

But for those that need to venture out to stock up, from today until close of business on Friday 22 July, every single one of Jollyes 80-plus stores will provide free doggy ice-cream for shoppers sensibly not leaving their pet in a car during these unprecedented temperatures.

Each store too will make sure their outside water bowls remain full so dogs visiting Jollyes can hydrate in the face of very high temperatures.

Every Jollyes store carries a full range of Frozzy’s frozen yoghurt especially made for dogs in single tubs or multi-packs and in original, blueberry and strawberry.

In many stores too there’s Alexander’s Natural Kefir Paws that are made with organic milk and are like a healthy ice pop.

Sales of cooling products for dogs have been surging as owners take extra care of their pets while temperatures rise. From travel water bowls to cooling mats – Jollyes has seen a ten-fold increase in sales of cooling products last week as owners look ways of keeping their pets comfortable.

Jollyes is reminding owners to take extra care of their pets during the heatwave and advice ranges from making sure animals have plenty of water available to giving them cooling treats.

Jollyes top nine summer tips for dog owners include:

  • Always make sure your dog has plenty of water at home.
  • Walk them in the morning or evening, when temperatures are below 20C, and take a travel bowl and water so they can have a drink while they’re out.
  • In the garden, make sure there’s a shady place to keep out of the sun.
  • Provide a cooling pad or a damp towel where they can lie and cool down.
  • Give them a cooling treat, such as a Frozzys frozen dog yogurt.
  • Use a freeze-able chew toy to help them keep cool.
  • Keep them well-groomed as a tangle-free coat will help regulate their temperature.
  • Consider using a cooling coat or a cooling collar.
  • Find a cool room at home, such as one with a tiled floor or good ventilation, where they can escape the heat.

Chris Burns, Jollyes’ commercial director, said: “The national emergency that’s been declared as we anticipate record temperatures applies to pets as well as their owners.

“Pets should stay in a cool place at home and through Operation Cool Dog, we’re ready to play our part in helping the whole family –with two legs and four – get through the next week.”

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About Jollyes

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Jollyes was recently named Pet Retail Chain of the Year at the Pet Industry Federation Awards.