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Applaws cat and dog food offers premium wet and dry food in a variety of tasty flavours, including the finest cuts of chicken breast and fish fillets. So you can be assured that both our wet and dry food contains all of the vitamins and minerals your pets need for a healthy and tasty diet. Applaws focus on the use of only natural ingredients, with all recipes packed in protein and amino acids. They offer a wide range of wet cat food, made from as little as 3 ingredients, cooked in a soft natural jelly, to meet the dietary needs of various cat breeds. Alternatively, there is Applaws dry cat food, with recipes for kittens, adults and senior cats, it is both delicious and GRAIN FREE, keeping your cat's gut, skin and coat stay purrfect from the inside out. Applaws dog food comes in portioned sized packets or tins, good for those greedy pups and overweight dogs who love to eat! Each tin is packed with 75% succulent chicken and is low in carbohydrates, helping to keep your canine friend happy and healthy. What else is there to ask for? Shop Applaws cat and dog food today to make mealtime more exciting for your furry friend.