Your Pet's Next Groom: Autumn Edition


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  • How often should I groom my dog?
  • How long does it take to groom a dog?
  • How important is it to groom a dog?
  • How much does dog grooming cost?
As the weather is changing yet again you might notice that your poochy pal is looking a bit rough around the edges. Seasonal changes often leave both us and our pets feeling a little worse for weather. A different temperature, and change in humidity, can all wreak havoc on long coats. Dogs who shed will be especially affected by the seasons. In Spring, they’ll shed their Winter coats to replace them with a lighter one for Summer and in Autumn, that whole process is reversed. They’ll shed their Summer coats and start growing a nice thick Winter coat to keep them warm. This whole process can leave them looking a little disheveled and in need of a good groom.
The Jolley Groomer offers a fully customisable service so your pooch can start the new season with a fresh wash and a trim to help get rid of their dead coat and make way for their luscious Winter fur.

How often should I groom my dog?

Every dog is different and the amount of care they require will vary vastly depending on their size and breed. Different breeds have very different types of coats. Terrier breeds will often have wiry coats that need some brushing and washing on occasion but they’re hardy and don’t tangle all that easily. They’re bred for working long hours outside so their coat is great at not absorbing moisture or getting too bogged down in dirt. Dogs with short coats may only need to be brushed on a weekly basis and have a full groom every three months which involves a bath. They may need more regular bathing if they love to roll in anything smelly on their walks.

For medium to long coated dogs, they will need a full groom every four to six weeks and depending on their lifestyle they might need brushing every few days. Breeds like the Husky need daily brushing during their shedding season otherwise their coat risks developing mats and becoming too unmanageable for even a professional groomer to brush out. Maintaining their coat at home between grooms is vital as matted fur often has to be cut out.
The FURminator is ideal for short-coated dogs like the Jack Russell while long-coated dogs who shed like the German Shepherd will need something like the Ancol Ergo Universal Slicker Brush. Slickers are great for removing dead hair from long coats, especially in double coated breeds.

How long does it take to groom a dog?

The time it takes to groom a dog really depends on how much there is to do. A dog that only needs a bath and a brush can take as little as an hour to get them looking and feeling fresh. If you’re doing it at home, you might just need a good clarifying shampoo to get their coat back to its usual lustre like The Spa Cleansing Eucalyptus Shampoo.
Even a small dog with a long coat like a pomeranian can take around two hours to fully brush out and groom. If you’re looking to get a standard poodle fully groomed including a brush, bath and cut, you might be looking at a four hour session! The time it takes really depends on what level of groom you’re trying to complete on your pooch. If you’re going to book a grooming session with a professional groomer, keeping on top of a few areas will help to keep that time limited so your pup is away from you for the least amount of time possible. You can keep their nails trimmed with the Ancol Ergo Nail Clipper for starters. Learning to cut your dog’s nails can really save time or even just understanding what walks to take your pooch on to keep them nice and worn down and save your groomer some extra effort.
The same goes for keeping ears clean. Cleaning dirty ears can take up to twenty minutes so if you’re regularly wiping them out at home and keeping on top of it with Johnsons Eye & Ear Wipes then it’s going to take much less time when you don’t have to battle weeks of build up. 

How important is it to groom a dog?

Grooming your dog isn’t just a luxury, by all means, you can book them for luxury treatments like a massage and mug bath but standard grooming like brushing and bathing truly are a necessity. Not only does it keep their coat clean and manage any odour and dirt that could be trapped in there, but grooming your pup gives you the perfect excuse to give them a once over. You may not notice that they’ve picked up fleas from somewhere until you’re giving them a good brush. Grooming your dog also helps to detect any early skin ailments like a rash or a little bit of redness.

A good grooming regime limits the risk of eye and ear infections or their nails becoming overgrown. Dogs aren’t very good at telling us when something is wrong and you can miss early signs until an ear infection is so bad they start to shake their head because it’s so sore and irritated. Grooming limits shedding and helps detect and remove any small mats before they become a bigger problem. It really helps to keep your beloved pet in better health just by keeping them nice and clean.

The importance of getting a groom before Autumn

While grooming is important all year around, it’s important to get a good groom in around Autumn to make sure they’re ready for the colder weather. The last thing your pooch needs is lots of dead fur caught in their coat and then a walk in the rain which will cause it to knot and tangle with their healthy coat. When this happens it creates matting and every time those mats get wet they tighten and collect more fur. With the ground being soggy and muddy in Autumn, our four-legged friends get dirtier faster so it’s important to keep on top of their grooming in the colder months.

How much does dog grooming cost?

Prices of dog grooming will range depending on where you go and what you have done. For a small breed dog, The Jolley Groomer starts from as little as £15. You simply pick your wash, select if they need a trim or style and add any extras like a fancy fur spritz at the end of their groom to get them smelling fresher than they ever have!
For more information, speak to your local Jollyes groomer in store or check out The Jolley Groomer online today.