The Paw-fect Present: £5 & Under Gift Guide


Christmas gifts for dogs Christmas gifts for cats


  • What do I get my dog for Christmas?
  • What do I get my cat for Christmas?
Christmas is coming and soon you’ll be hearing all the festive songs playing over the speakers in every shop you walk into. Maybe you’ve even started planning what to get all of your friends and family. While you’re making your lists, don’t forget about your furry family members! While they might not understand what all the fuss is about, they should get to enjoy the holidays like the rest of the family. Our pets love to join in on whatever activity is happening, including festivities, and getting them their very own gift helps to include them.
You don’t have to go out and break the bank either, you know your pet and what they like so you can get them an extra little treat to make the day a little more special. You know what it’s like, if you spend a fortune on them they’re probably just going to play in the box anyway.

What do I get my dog for Christmas?

We have everything you need to make your dog’s Christmas extra special. From Christmas themed treats to their favourite toys, you can really make their day especially exciting without having to spend a fortune. All these gifts are £5 and under so you can look after your pennies while showing your pooch how much you love them.

Christmas feast for everyone

The T.Forrest Christmas Goose Filled Bone Dog Chew for Dogs is the perfect Christmas themed treat to keep your doggy gnawing away. While you settle down for a lavish Christmas dinner, give your dog an extra treat like this stuffed bone. Not only is it a delicious treat but they will forget to even beg for scraps off your plate because they’ll be so busy getting all the tasty filling out of this bone.

Packed with vitamins and minerals to add to your pup’s daily nutritional needs, they are guaranteed to love every bite and you can even refill it with your own tasty filling when they’re done!

Pick up a penguin

If your pooch is more about cuddling up and chewing on a nice soft toy, the Pet Brands Plush Penguin Dog Toy might be more their style. Not every dog loves to chew, but they’ll have the time of their life throwing around their new stuffed animal and bringing it to you to tug on or play fetch with.
Soft toys are great for providing comfort, especially if Christmas day is quite busy at home or if you have to leave your pooch for longer than usual while you go for dinner with family. A new cuddly friend to go off and have a nap with might be just what they need to give them a great day.

Learn something new

Your four-legged friend may love their treats or they might enjoy toys but if they love both, the Rufus & Rosie Rubber Snake Dog Treat Toy combines them to make this super fun enriching feeder. They can chew on it, you can fill the stomach full of nice treats, and the head even has a squeaker in it!
Learning new puzzles and how to get food out of different toys can benefit dogs in a number of ways. They will keep them busy while you prepare Christmas dinner or open up the rest of your gifts without the risk of wrapping paper becoming a fun toy to tear up. Enrichment like puzzle feeders can also boost confidence in helping your pooch to investigate new things and get a reward for it! This isn’t just a dog Christmas gift but can be used over and over again throughout the year.

What do I get my cat for Christmas?

You might think that your feline friends might be a little harder to please than a dog but we have all the cat Christmas gifts you could possibly need to suit every moggy. Christmas is a time of giving and every cat might enjoy something different but here are a few options that will get almost every cat and kitten purring with delight.

For the treat lover

What better way to show your kitty you love them than with a whole cat gift box of treats? The Rosewood Turkey Cat Cushion Treats Christmas Gift Box is packed to the brim with delightfully tasty tidbits. These cushion snacks are filled with a soft turkey based filling while the outside is a nice crunchy shell that is super satisfying to bite into. These treats can’t get any more tasty but they’re also packed with vitamins, minerals and taurine so are the perfect addition to their daily food intake.

Treats are a great way of making friends so if you’re planning on having visitors they can double up as a peace offering to introduce your beloved pet to your guests and start them off on the right foot. If every guest gives a treat, they’re bound to love having visitors.

Turn that frown upside down

If you want to instantly brighten any cat’s mood, what better way than with a scent bag of catnip! Grumpy Cat Grumpy Catnip Cat Sack will tempt your feline friend into interacting with it and sniffing it. The pheromones released by catnip often cause cats to become hyperactive and zoom around the house or instantly start throwing their toys around. It boosts their mood and will give them such a silly five minutes. Don’t be fooled by the grumpy face on the front, this Christmas cat gift is bound to give any moggy an amazing time.

Let them join in on being festive

We’ve covered treats and toys but what about gifting your fur baby the ability to join in and look just as festive as everyone in their Christmas jumpers? Sure, they might not appreciate a sweater but a great cat present could be one of these Adjustable Christmas Pet Bow Ties! They’re super cute, not at all invasive since most cats are used to wearing collars anyway and then they’ll be met with delighted coos and lots of extra attention for looking so smart. With an elasticated band and a secure clip, it won’t fall off while still being super comfortable and stretchy for them to continue about their day. It will be just like every other day for them except they will get to look very smart!
For all the best cat and dog Christmas presents, take a look at our wide range of affordable gifts in store and online.