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Raw dog food is a great way to incorporate a natural diet into your beloved pet’s lifestyle. A raw diet mimics the type of food your pampered pooch’s ancestors would have hunted for and thrived from all of the nutrients available in such a palatable meal. Not all raw diets are built equal though; working out what the best raw dog food is for your beloved pup isn’t as easy as picking the packaging you like the best!
We’ve collected some of the biggest raw dog food brands to help you decide which one might be best suited for your four-legged friend.

Best Raw Dog Foods

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With the increasing popularity of feeding a raw diet to our beloved pets, the choice has become much wider so you have plenty to go at. There are lots of different brands focused on providing key nutrition to your pup, so you just have to work out which one is right for you and your four-legged friend.
Feeding your pooch a raw diet couldn’t be easier, all you need to do is allow the food to defrost and serve the delicious dish to your beloved pet. No preparation or cooking is involved!

Which Brands Offer Raw Dog Food?

There are many benefits of feeding a raw diet like healthy skin, coat, teeth and joints but finding the right kind of food is important. Raw food comes in many forms, the most popular being mince. Minced food comes in trays that you defrost and serve portions from until you have to defrost another. You can also buy nuggets which can make it easier to know exactly how much to give to your pup without the need to weigh it every single time. Some raw food contains whole wings or turkey necks, and other brands serve their raw diets in large pate-style sausages to be sliced.
What style of food you choose to feed to your furry friend can depend on both your preferences but also their size. A raw diet containing large pieces of bone and organs may not be suitable for your pocket-sized pooch so a diet made of smaller nuggets would help while larger dogs may really enjoy the larger pieces in some meals.

Natures Menu Raw Dog Food

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One of the brands with the biggest variety of meals to offer is Nature’s Menu, they have a massive selection of raw feeding options available. They offer products like Frozen Natures Menu Beef and Tripe for owners who are creating their own raw diets from scratch but want an easy protein source. All this product requires is the vegetables and vitamin portions of their diet, which can be swapped and changed around for variety. They even have bags of Natures Menu Frozen Nuggets Fruit and Vegetables to help owners create a complete diet with ease.
If you would rather have the ease of buying a complete diet with everything packed into one bag, they offer Natures Menu Country Hunter Wild Venison Nuggets. The diet is very simple to use, especially as it comes in little nuggets so it’s even easier to work out how much to feed to your pooch. It’s suitable for both large and small dogs and even comes packed with superfoods to make sure you’re fitting as much goodness into every nugget.
Natures Menu offers highly digestible diets that are easy on your dog’s tummy so is an ideal diet for owners who are transitioning over to raw feeding. Their complete diet contains everything your four-legged friend needs to grow and thrive!
The top five rated products available from Natures Menu for you to try with your pooch are:

Naturaw Raw Dog Food

Naturaw Dog Food is made entirely from organic or farm-assured meat, meaning you’re only feeding your beloved pets the best sources of protein. You can also rest assured that the meat is vet-approved, which means a qualified veterinarian was involved in the creation of the diets to make sure the nutrition and balance are correct, so the food meets a high standard.
If you’re environmentally conscious, then this plastic-free, compostable package diet may be worth looking into. They have only been operating since 2010 and moved into a premises in 2015. All their foods are made to be balanced and complete.
Here are a few of their products you might like to try if you want an environmentally conscious, high-quality diet for your pooch:

Nutriment Raw Dog Food

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Nutriment produces raw diet formulas for adults and puppies alike. They have special recipes designed to be fed to puppies from the age of six weeks until adulthood. Their Nutriment Puppy Formula is packed with everything a developing puppy needs. They make their puppy formula into a soft and palatable texture that weaning puppies are more likely to enjoy over solid food like biscuits.
Nutriment is perfect for dogs who have sensitive digestive systems, there are no harmful additives or preservatives and the protein used is all human-grade cuts of meat, so you know your pooch is only getting the best. They offer diets for specific requirements as well, like their Nutriment Kidney Support Formula which contains added nutrients to help the proper function of their kidneys.
Some products that may be worth trying from Nutriment include:
Whatever the needs of your beloved four-legged friend are, you can find the best raw dog food for them. Not only can you be guaranteed that your protein sources are exactly what they say they are on the packet, but the increased palatability of raw diets will have your pup wolfing down their food!
Take a look at our vast range of frozen and raw dog food to find your pup’s perfect diet.