The Best Cat Advent Calendar for Your Feline Friend

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  • Advent Calendar for Cats: Our Purrrfect Picks
  • Cat-Nippy Christmas Cat Advent Calendar
  • Cupid & Comet Luxury Cat Advent Calendar
  • How to Make a Cat Advent Calendar
In our minds, the countdown to Christmas is officially ON. We’re thinking mince pies, chocolate and any other festive treats we can get our hands on. However, we don’t want to leave our pets out of the fun, and whilst traditional Christmas treats may not be safe for our feline friends, one thing we can rely on is cat advent calendars so they can enjoy the countdown as much as we do!
So, whether you’re a first-time kitten owner looking to make their Christmas extra-special, or you’re a seasoned cat parent who just can't resist giving them a treat or two - we have got you covered with some of the best advent calendars for cats that are sure to brighten up their entire December!

Advent Calendar for Cats: Our Purrrfect Picks

We know just how important it is to find the purrfect cat Christmas advent calendar for your feline friend, and luckily, we’ve got some of the best picks to keep them purring with delight all throughout the festive period.

Cat-Nippy Christmas Cat Advent Calendar

The Cat-Nippy Christmas Cat Advent Calendar will look simply delightful wherever you hang it in your home. Featuring the most festive little cartoon cat, this advent calendar has 24 doors just waiting to be opened. 
Behind each door is a delicious, nutritious treat, made from the highest quality ingredients, including milk, oils, fats, cereals and catnip, so your kitty will go into the festive season in tip-top condition!

Cupid & Comet Luxury Cat Advent Calendar

Get your feline friend in the mood for some Christmas festivities with the oh-so jolly Cupid & Comet Luxury Cat Advent Calendar. With 24 doors, it will take you and your fluffy companion right up to Christmas Eve, allowing you to count down the days together.
Behind each door is a truly tasty meaty treat made with real turkey, chicken, salmon and duck - it is Christmas, after all! Not only will your cat think the treats are simply delicious, but they’re so nutritious too, as they’re full to the brim with essential nutrients to keep your pet in tip-top condition. Let the countdown begin!

How to Make a Cat Advent Calendar

If you’re feeling creative in the lead-up to Christmas, then you might want to make your very own cat advent calendar so you can tailor it to their individual tastes. You’ll need to start with an empty advent calendar. Whether you opt for one made from wood or material, you’re sure to find the ideal one for your home.
Next, it’s time for the most exciting part - shopping! From treats and toys, to collars and grooming accessories - there really is no limit when it comes to filling your cat advent calendar (providing it fits into the slots, of course!). 
Some owners opt to buy a pack or two of their cat’s favourite treats, popping one behind each individual door. The Felix Goody Bag Original Mix is the ideal choice. Flavoured with chicken, liver and turkey, your feline friend is sure to look forward to opening their special homemade advent calendar when it’s filled with these delicious treats.
If you’ve got an advent calendar with a little more space in each door, then why not switch things up from a daily treat and pop a few surprises in there?! From tiny toys like the Kong Refillable Catnip Corduroy Mouse, to a stylish new collar like the Happy Pet Adventure Mouse Cheesy Kicker Cat Toy - your cat will be purring with delight every day in the countdown to Christmas! 
So, whether you buy your beloved pet a cat treat advent calendar to get them excited for the festivities, or go all-out and make your own - your fluffy feline will just be bursting with excitement by the time the big day comes! Make sure you’ve got a few gifts wrapped up under the tree for them on the 25th so they don’t feel left out - explore our range of cat accessories today to find a gift they’re sure to adore.