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  • What Is Salmon Oil?
  • Why Should My Dog Have Salmon Oil?
  • What Are The Benefits Of Salmon Oil?
  • How Do I Give My Dog Salmon Oil?
  • Are There Any Side Effects?
Salmon is a popular choice for a healthy human diet, but did you know it’s a popular addition to your pooch’s plate too? Packed with health benefits, our NEW salmon oil is an easy supplement to add to your dog’s dinner. If you’re interested in loading up your pet’s food with even more nutrients, we’ve put together the benefits of adding salmon oil to their food bowl!

What Is Salmon Oil?

Salmon oil is packed with natural antioxidants and is free of additives, GMOs and antibiotics, so it’s perfect for your pooch and your kitty!

Why Should My Dog Have Salmon Oil?

It’s important you check with your veterinarian first, but salmon oil is generally recommended due to its omega 3 & 6 content! Whether they’re a young pup or an older dog, salmon oil can be beneficial for your furry friends at any stage. Dogs don’t produce omega 3 & 6 fatty acids independently, so adding a supplement that’s high in this is an ideal way of introducing it into their diet. Omega 3 helps reduce inflammation and supports joint health, so it’s a really important fatty acid to include in their food.
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What Are The Benefits Of Salmon Oil?

Wanting a happier, healthier dog? Check out these benefits of salmon oil for your furry friend:
  1. Healthy skin

  2. Shiny coat & softer paws

  3. Improve their immune system

  4. Improves cognitive function

  5. Helps with skin allergies

  6. Increases energy levels

How Do I Give My Dog Salmon Oil?

Always read the packaging for specific detail on dosage for your dog and check this with your local veterinarian who will also suggest if this supplement will be a temporary addition or part of a long term plan to help your pooch. With this salmon oil, the recommended feeding guide is 1 pump per 2kg of body weight. Simply add to their food once a day and voila! Your pooch will soon reap the benefits.
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Are There Any Side Effects?

Like with most things, there are some potential side effects your four-legged friend may experience when they’re consuming salmon oil.

Bad Breath

Just like when humans enjoy seafood and have to deal with bad breath, your dog does too! To combat this, look to dental chews and teeth-brushing to fight the funk.

Weight Gain

An appetite boost is a result of higher levels of omega 3 in your pooch’s diet. Monitor the dosage of salmon oil with your local veterinarian to keep an eye on this.

Digestive Issues

Excessive dosage of salmon oil can lead to a troubled tummy and sickness for your pooch, so make sure to always consult with your veterinarian!
Keep your salmon oil stored in cool and dark conditions, or in the fridge for best practice. For a dog’s dinner you’ll be proud of, have a sniff around in store and online today!