Rawhide Free Dog Chews: What are They?

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  • What Does Rawhide Free Mean?
  • Are Rawhide Free Bones Safe for Dogs?
  • Is Rawhide Free Also Grain Free?
  • The Best Rawhide Free Dog Treats
  • Rawhide Free Dog Treats to Try
  • The Best Rawhide Free Dog Bones
The dog industry has plenty of conflicting arguments for and against different pieces of equipment, how we care for our four-legged “children” and even what we feed them.
A hot topic right now is whether or not giving your dog rawhide is dangerous. Rawhide is made from the skin of animals like cows and deer. The skin goes through a process called tanning. They’ve been around for a long time as long-lasting dog chews, you don’t have to worry about it going out of date but there are many worries over the health implications of giving your dog rawhide due to chemicals used during the process.
Many owners are opting to go rawhide free, which might have been difficult once upon a time but there is now plenty of choices.

What Does Rawhide Free Mean?

Owners are opting for rawhide free bones and treats to avoid giving their beloved pets chemically treated rawhide that may cause adverse effects on their pet’s health. Luckily there are plenty of alternatives available for avid chewers looking for rawhide free bones and rawhide free dog treats.
You can give your pup all the benefits of treats and chews without even stepping foot into the murky grey area of rawhide and how damaging it can potentially be for your pooch’s health.

Are Rawhide Free Bones Safe for Dogs?

Rawhide free bones are made out of natural ingredients that are considered a safer alternative. One study found that rawhide was not very digestible and so would go through a dog’s digestive tract unchanged. As the material became saturated after eating, it could clump together into balls. Rawhide is highly chewable but doesn’t tear easily, meaning dogs who don’t rip small pieces off and swallow large amounts risk stomach blockages.
Rawhide free dog bones are made to be chewable but also enable your dog to tear off smaller pieces, so this clumping effect does not happen. Chews like Smartbones are not only flavoured to taste like a healthy treat for your dog, they are also made from those ingredients. When you give your dog chews that are made from ingredients like chicken, sweet potato, and carrots, there’s no question that what you’re giving your dog to chew on is not only nutritionally valuable, but not potentially harmful.

Is Rawhide Free Also Grain Free?

If you’re trying to find out if rawhide free treats are grain free, the simplest answer is yes and no. Just like most dog treats on the market, there is a range of both grain containing and grain free treats for dogs that are also rawhide free. Many dog treats contain grain so it just takes a little more hunting to find products that are grain free for your sensitive pooch!

The Best Rawhide Free Dog Treats

Finding the best dog treats that are rawhide free doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact, there are plenty of options out there. Different treats and chews have different purposes, so not only do you need to shop around for flavours your dog might enjoy but the purpose of the treat might change what you’re looking for. If you’re like me and you just like to give your dog an extra treat before bedtime, a crunchy biscuit might do the trick. If you need something longer lasting you might want to look for a dental chew or a natural rabbit ear for them to spend a while chewing on.                        

Rawhide Free Dog Treats to Try

Finding rawhide free dog treats might actually be easier than you think as most dog treats don’t tend to contain rawhide these days. Rawhide is more commonly found in longer-lasting chews as it doesn’t break down very easily as a quick snack.
You can go down the route of an old classic like the gravy bone, they’re not too fattening and most dogs enjoy the satisfying crunch they offer. When I used to have a dog that was wary of new visitors to the house, I kept a little pot of these by the door so guests could come in and immediately treat my anxious pup, in no time at all any guests would be more at risk from being licked to death than barked at.
Treats are also a fantastic way to mentally enrich your fluffy family member’s life. It’s always good to give your pup things to do, so pairing a pack of small treats along with an enrichment toy like a snuffle mat can keep them busy for a while! Snuffle mats are great for encouraging your dog to use their nose to find tasty treats but they need to be small enough to be hidden throughout the mat and make it a little bit of a challenge!

The Best Rawhide Free Dog Bones

If you’re looking for long lasting dog bones that are rawhide free, there are plenty of options out there. Rawhide is made through a specific process and many natural alternatives avoid the use of chemicals to produce long rawhide free bones that are safe for your canine companion to consume.
Rawhides have always been popular among larger breed owners because they need something tough for their dog to chew on but there are plenty of rawhide free bones for large dogs available now. Some products even look exactly like a rawhide bone and are very similar in texture but are just manufactured with safer ingredients so you still get all the benefits of clean teeth and gums and a nice occupied puppy but without the health risks of rawhide.
Filled bones can also count themselves among the best rawhide free chews for dogs. They have a tasty filling for your dog to spend time digging out, though these should be supervised to make sure your dog doesn’t break any large pieces of bones off to swallow.
If you’re worried about the risks of rawhide and feeding it to your dog, there are great alternatives available that have all the benefits and none of the possible drawbacks of rawhide. Check out our huge selection of rawhide free treats and chews available in-store to treat your lovable hound.