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  • What are Probiotics for Dogs?
  • Are Probiotics Good for Dogs?
  • Health Benefits of Dog Friendly Probiotics
It’s common for owners to research the best dog food to give them the most balanced diet, but one thing that is often missed out of the equation though is gut health. It’s often just assumed that a complete diet will provide all the support it needs.
Gut health can be drastically improved using probiotics to help keep their digestive tract in peak working order. Probiotics for dogs are a great way of providing this extra support. We already know that humans often need probiotics to combat things like bloating and help to maintain good gut health and our dogs are no different, they could use a little help and support with it too.

What are Probiotics for Dogs?

Probiotics for dogs consist of helpful, friendly bacteria that we can introduce to the gut to aid in digestion. Dogs already produce plenty of ‘good’ bacteria to help promote digestion and boost their immune system. By introducing the friendly bacteria that probiotics holds, it restores balance, promotes good health, and further supports their immune system.
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Are Probiotics Good for Dogs?

Probiotics are great for dogs of all breeds. Not only do they play an essential part in aiding their digestion, but they also promote a healthier coat and skin, as well as boosting energy. Probiotics are a great addition to their diet to make sure they’re getting the most out of the food you buy them - particularly for dogs with sensitive stomachs!

Health Benefits of Dog Friendly Probiotics

The benefits of probiotics for our four-legged friends are numerous. Probiotics are little powerhouses as they work with a nutritionally based diet to eliminate toxins and help to relieve stress or anxiety. As the gastrointestinal tract is directly linked to the brain, which ultimately has a positive impact on their mood and behaviour.  Other great benefits of probiotics are:
  1. A more pleasant breath.

  2. Healthy skin.

  3. Improved bowel movements.

  4. Helps them break down food.

  5. Promotes nutrient absorption.

  6. Could reduce allergic reactions.

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Potential Side Effects

When you’re introducing a probiotic to your pup’s diet, you may not notice the benefits at first and in fact might see some less desirable side effects as their digestive tract adjusts to the addition.
There may be a little digestive discomfort as the good bacteria gets to work, which can result in some gas or bloating. You may also notice that they either have diarrhoea or even constipation, but it’s normal for their bodies to take a couple of days to adjust to the supplement. If these changes occur for more than a few days or you notice a change in appetite, it’s best to consult your vet to find out if you need to alter or stop probiotics altogether.

Choosing the Best Probiotics for Dogs

There are many ways to introduce probiotics into your dog’s diet. Not all dogs love to take tablets, but for those who have an appetite for anything edible, tablet form can be the easiest.
For fussy pups who have a hard time with medication, the easiest way of getting them to take probiotics is through food. There are several different options of doggy treats that have added probiotics in them to help your pooch enjoy introducing some good bacteria into their gut.

Frozzys Superbites with Probiotics

What better way to incorporate something healthy into your pup’s diet than in treat form? Frozzys Superbites with Probiotics, Yogurt, Banana & Honey are great for introducing probiotics in a way your pooch can enjoy and look forward to. These powerful little treats are packed full of healthy vitamins and minerals that benefit your pooch.
Not only do they contain probiotics, but they also have essential oils to keep the skin and coat healthy and are low calorie, so you barely must make any adjustments to slot them into a balanced and complete diet. You can either add a treat to their food or give it as an extra treat during the day.
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If you love the idea of these treats, but your pup isn’t a fan of the taste of bananas, they also come in different flavours they can try. With fruity Frozzys Superbites with Probiotics, Yogurt & Blueberry or Frozzys Superbites with Probiotics, Yogurt & Cranberry.

YuDIGEST Plus Dog Digestive Care

YuDIGEST Plus Dog Digestive Care is a powerful probiotic that comes in sachets of power intended to be sprinkled over food. The sachets can also be mixed with water to create a paste to feed directly to your pooch. It can be used as a daily support or as immediate relief from diarrhoea when needed, as a solution which is also recommended by vets.

Broadreach Nature Probiotic Digestive Support for Dogs

Broadreach Nature Probiotic Digestive Support for Dogs comes in a super handy syringe to apply to your dog’s food, so you can measure exactly how much they need and not let any go to waste. The formula is developed and approved by vets, which is designed for pets with overly reactive digestive systems. If your pup is not a stranger to minor stomach upsets, then introducing a daily probiotic into their food can really boost their gut health and help maintain long term healthier digestion and consistent stools.
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To help keep your pooch’s gut health in tip top condition, find everything you need and more in our vast range of dog products in-store and online.