Picking The Perfect Advent Calendar


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  • Include your furry friend in the countdown to Christmas
  • A selection box they'll drool over
  • More festive ways to include your pet
Christmas is coming and it’s hard not to get ahead of yourself and buy every novelty gift for your pets. While the temptation is there, if you start well before Christmas even arrives you’re going to burn yourself out by the time the big day even gets here. There are so many ways you can include your furry family member in the run up to Christmas, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket or even wait until Christmas Day to show them how much you appreciate them.

Include your furry friend in the countdown to Christmas

Everyone loves an advent calendar! Many people still buy them into their adulthood without even the excuse of having kids, just to treat themselves. A nice little treat a day really makes the whole of December that much more special and if you can have it, why can’t your pampered pets get exactly the same treatment?
Opening your advent calendar together every morning so you can both enjoy a treat together makes waking up to a cold Winter day a little bit easier, so start a yearly tradition now and get your precious pooch an advent calendar to enjoy as well.

The Snowman calendar for your snowdogs

The Snowman and The Snowdog Crunchie Advent Calendar for Dogs is a great way to help your canine companions get into the spirit of Christmas. Every treat inside contains 30% chicken breast so while you’re having a sugary treat for your breakfast, they’re having a nourishing and healthy addition to their daily meals! They get a treat every day from the first of the month all the way to Christmas Eve. Suitable for puppies of all ages, everyone can join in on the festive fun.

Premium calendar for pampered pooches

If you’re looking for a tasteful doggy calendar with even tastier treats inside, this JR Premium Turkey and Venison Advent Calendar for Dogs are perfect for your pups. Inside are pure turkey and venison sticks so your pooch is only getting the best of the best for their daily treat. They are free from additives and preservatives as well as hypoallergenic so all doggies can have their daily treat with this calendar.

A taste of luxury with Cupid & Comet

Help your feline friend live the bougie life they deserve with this Cupid & Comet Cat Luxury Advent Calendar. It’s not only filled with delicious treats of heart-shaped turkey, chicken, salmon and duck but every bite is just as nutritious. Any cat over 3 months old can enjoy the countdown to Christmas with these mouth-watering treats. Only premium quality ingredients are used, so your moggy is bound to love it.

Cat-Nippy Christmas for your kitty

You couldn’t find a more festive treat than the Cat-Nippy Christmas Cat Advent Calendar. While they might not understand why everyone keeps getting more and more excited as Christmas gets closer, they will understand the excitement of a tasty treat every day. Not only are these cat-nippy treats tasty but they’re nutritionally valuable too and help to boost your furry friend’s diet to keep them fit and healthy.

A selection box they'll drool over

Are you looking for some other ideas to make Christmas special for your beloved pets? Selection boxes are always a hit with a variety of treats to impress every fluffy family member. The Lifestage Natural Treat Christmas Selection Box for Cats comes with four different treats to complement a complete diet. Not only are they nutritionally valuable but they are low in fat too so your feline friend can share in the festivities with lots of treats! For puppy parents, you can find the perfect pooch selection box too with the Lifestage Natural Treat Christmas Selection Box for Dogs.

More festive ways to include your pet

You don’t have to stop at just advent calendars and selection boxes to celebrate Christmas with your pets. There are plenty of festive treats available like the Forrest Christmas Filled Trachea for Dogs to make the Christmas season extra special. Not just a treat but packed with vitamins and minerals to help keep your pup fighting fit and healthy, gifts can just as easily be healthy and nutritional too.
Are you getting ready for your pup’s festive bath? You can get them feeling their best and smelling the part with the Groom Professional Blueberry Cologne. Not only will they smell great, they will also help spread the festive cheer after their Christmas groom.
Get your pet ready for a visit from Santa Paws with their very own Santa Paw Pet Stocking. With plenty of space for some extra treats and gifts, you can help them open their gifts on Christmas morning and watch their delight as they choose what to play with first. Share the love this season with our wide selection of festive gifts for your beloved pets.