How to Groom Your Dog at Home


Dog Dog Grooming At-Home Grooming


  • What can I wash my dog with?
  • Can I trim my dog's fur myself?
  • Keeping nails trim
  • How to keep on top of their coat in between grooms
Part of caring for your beloved pet and treating them like the family members they are means making sure they’re always feeling their best. Nobody enjoys feeling dirty or dealing with unkempt, tangled hair and our canine companions are no exception. Without good grooming you may find that their coat can become matted and before you know it they’re uncomfortable and you’re having to remove large sections of fur. Beneath harmless looking tangles could be sore skin from matted fur pulling tight and irritating them or a whole family of fleas making themselves at home.
Keeping on top of their grooming means not only will they look great, but you’re getting a regular chance to make sure they’re healthy and you’re not missing anything. It’s a great time to perform your own health check and make sure they’re doing as well as they should be! Whether they’re just given themselves a mud bath out on a walk or you want to give them a routine wash between trips to the groomer, there’s going to come a time when you want to groom your dog at home and we have everything you need to know right here.

What can I wash my dog with?

While you might want to grab for your own shampoo since you might have chosen it because you love the smell, it’s best to stick with something made with dogs in mind. Some ingredients used in our own products may be perfectly safe on our skin but can cause irritation to our beloved pets. A doggy shampoo will not only avoid setting off any skin sensitivities and works on their coat to cleanse, detangle and leave them looking and smelling great.

Dog shampoo

Different shampoos suit different people and our pets are no different. What makes one pup look their best may leave another looking a little dull with lifeless fur so it’s often a case of finding the perfect fit. Shampoos are all made to combat different things and if you’ve ever bleached your hair or gotten a perm, you’ll know that shampoo choice is important.

Dog covered in soap suds in a bucket.
White dogs have it hard, the smallest fleck of dirt will always show up and as they get older they’re likely to suffer from discolouration around their mouth or eyes. A shampoo like Furrish White Wonder Shampoo is made specially to combat these issues and leave your canine companion glossy and sparkly white. Just like the purple shampoo we use for our blonde hair, the white shampoo makes use of blue optical enhancers to get their coat looking pristine and glossy again without a trace of dirt.
If you need a dog shampoo for sensitive skin and you’re looking to soothe them while cleaning their coat, Hypoallergenic Shampoo is a gentle, vegan friendly product that doesn’t contain a single harsh ingredient. The mild formula with a subtle but natural fragrance is just as powerful at cleaning while remaining gentle on the skin.
If you have a puppy then getting them used to the bath is all part of their early socialisation. While teaching them to enjoy bath time, it’s important to use a product that is gentle enough for them. A puppy shampoo like The Spa Puppy & Kitten Fresh Baby Powder Shampoo is just what you need to start a positive relationship with getting pampered.

Dog conditioner

Doggy conditioner is a great way to keep fur detangled and looking glossy. A pup conditioner like Bugalugs Baby Fresh Detangle Dog Conditioner Spray can be applied to their coat after a bath or even between baths to help keep those knots away. Brushing a conditioner through their coat regularly will help to keep the pH balance of their skin just right and leave it perfectly moisturised. The vegan formula will leave your pooch tangle free so you don’t have to worry about battling with any matted fur when it comes to their next grooming session.

Can I trim my dog's fur myself?

While you might be no expert, sometimes having the know-how to trim your pup’s fur will come in handy when you need it. It’s not recommended to give your wriggly pooch a full groom if you don’t know what you’re doing. A dog’s coat is notoriously difficult to cut well but sometimes you might find a knot that is too stubborn to brush out and cutting it away can be faster and more comfortable for your canine companion to avoid it getting worse.
If you’ve ever had hair in your eyes all day you will feel your dog’s pain when their coat is growing out and getting too shaggy. Sometimes a little trim around the eyes or mouth will get them feeling much better even if you can’t squeeze in a full groom and a new cut.

Dog grooming scissors

There are two main types of scissors for doing at-home trims; both are used for slightly different things. For precision trimming when you want to give those pesky eyebrows a cut or if your pooch has a habit of growing furry little grinch-like whisps between their toes, the Groom Delicate Detail Scissors do a great job. They have rounded edges to avoid prodding any wiggly puppies so they do a great job of cutting around more delicate areas.
The Happy Pet Groom Thinning Scissors are great for longer haired dogs who need some of their coat stripped back but you want to avoid accidentally giving them the doggy equivalent of a blunt bob. Thinning scissors will take away some of the coat but not all of it and leave them with a nice, natural finish. These are great fur cutting around the eats, their chest or for breeds with long fur on the backs of their legs that you just want to tidy up a little.

Keeping nails trim

Dog getting nails clipped and trimmed.
If you walk your pup on grass regularly rather than concrete, you might find that their nails grow long and part of grooming can be clipping their nails back. Once you have the right piece of equipment like The Spa Deluxe Small Nail Clipper, the hardest part is the learning curve and usually developing the confidence to try it yourself. Nail clipping can be nice and easy once you know what you’re doing. You can develop your confidence by giving small trims so you can be sure to always avoid getting close to the quick.

How to keep on top of their coat in between grooms

For the at-home groom, you don’t need to be aiming for professional standards but just doing enough to keep your pup looking and feeling good. You may never be able to do a full teddy bear cut on a pomeranian, but keeping your dog free of tangles is still important. Grooming them at home should include regular brushing to strip away any dead coat and prevent matting.
To avoid bathing your pup every day, you can keep them clean in between grooms using wipes like the Rufus & Rosie Aloe Vera Pet Wipes. They’re a great way to remove any muck or grime from your canine companion’s coat without having to fully soak them every time they get a little bit dirty. If you wipe down their paws after their walk you can avoid doing extra hoovering and mopping too.
If you want to keep them smelling fresh you can even invest in a doggy cologne like the Groom Professional Blueberry Cologne. Instead of a wet dog, your house will be smelling like fresh fruit!
Grooming your pooch at home is an important part of taking care of them but nothing compares to a professional groom. Your pup can get a pampering with The Jolly Groomer and they will come home fluffier, cleaner and smelling better than you could ever imagine. Between at home grooms and professional blowouts, you can pamper your pup as part of their routine.