How to Entertain Your Pet This Autumn


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  • Effect of Autumn on Cats & Dogs
  • Best Dog Toys
  • Best Cat Toys
  • Why does my dog or cat bring me toys?
The British Summer is always incredibly short-lived, and the days of playing outside or sunbathing in the garden are over far too quickly. You go from spending all of your time trying to figure out how to keep your furry friends cool and protect them from over-exerting themselves but as the weather turns you will find yourself having to get creative and think up some more indoor activities to keep them occupied.

Effect of Autumn on Cats & Dogs

As Autumn rolls in and days become shorter, the sun is slower to rise and the daylight hours start to disappear earlier as well. Evening walks have to be shifted a little earlier to chase the sun and on some days, the sun doesn’t even make much of an appearance! Social events and big gatherings tend to taper off, from pet friendly barbecues to days out like community dog shows or group walks. As the rainy days become almost daily, you might find that you have to put more effort into keeping your furry family members occupied.
Have no fear, we have done some digging and found the best ways to keep your pets entertained when it’s cold and miserable outside so you can work out the perfect pastime for your puppies and kittens.

Best Dog Toys

The best dog toy is dependent on your individual pup but different breeds tend to gravitate towards different types of toys. A bull breed like a staffy might love a chomp or they want to play tuggy all day. Labradors will play fetch until their legs give in while your terriers might prefer a nice soft toy with a squeaker inside that they will usually try and dissect. Trying to pull apart some softer toys will keep them occupied for hours.
Knowing what kind of play your pup enjoys will help you know the best toys to gravitate towards. Some toys are great for solo play while others only really work if you play with them or if you have multiple dogs that can make use of them together. You can find a wide range of different toys to suit every dog’s needs.

Kong Dog Toys

Kong dog toys are tough, durable and great for dogs who tend to break their toys almost as fast as you unpack them. Their soft and squishy toys are not as fragile as other cuddly toys might be as they contain rope, perfect for even the roughest of players. If your pooch loves to play fetch and you’re trying to break that stick habit to avoid them injuring themselves, toys like the Kong Ogee Stick Dog Toy are perfect for the part.
Some dogs may not enjoy chasing toys or bringing them back so pups who prefer to chew might enjoy their toys to be a little more food driven instead. The Kong Toy Red Extra Large comes in different sizes so you can find the right one to suit your four-legged friend. You can stuff it with treats or even feed them their meals out of it and keep them entertained. If you need to extend how long it takes them to empty it you can even freeze it to make it longer lasting!

Dog Rope Toys

Dog rope toys are great for pups who like to get their teeth stuck into toys. The feeling can be soothing for them, they’re good for chewing on and it’s easy on the mouth if they like to play tuggy. Rope toys come in so many different shapes and sizes. They make for great balls to play fetch with as even when they’re full of saliva, they won’t get slippery and risk being swallowed like plastic or rubber balls might.
Rope toys rarely cause injury as long as your pooch doesn’t develop a fondness for chewing and swallowing the material of the rope. They’re hard-wearing and long-lasting, it might just need a quick wash every now and then to freshen it up.

Plush Dog Toys

Sometimes dogs just want a toy to cuddle up with and soft toys are great for that but it’s not their only use. They can comfort your pooch when they want a little nap but they can also keep them entertained for hours with an inbuilt squeaker. Some little tearaways will make it their life’s task to try and extract all the stuffing and kill off the pesky squeak so you can get nice tough ones like the Kong Wildknots Bears Extra Small for both cuddling and rough play.

Best Cat Toys

The best cat toy will also depend on the type of play your kitty prefers but there is always something to choose from in our wide selection of products available. Whether your moggy likes to be physically stimulated or they prefer to use their brain, you can cater their Autumn toys for just about any activity.

Kong Cat Toys

Kong cat toys can fulfil just about any desire with their range of different textures and noises. You have a choice of bells, crinkle material and fun fuzzy toys to chase around. You can go as small as the KONG Wrangler Kneading Mouse Cat Toy for furry friends who enjoy throwing around toys and pouncing after them or as extravagant as a KONG Cat Play Spaces Bungalow Cat Toy. Play houses are great for cats who love a carrier bag or a box to hide in but you might want to watch your toes for any sneak attacks!

Cat Chase Toys

Cat chaser toys are an excellent way to get cats moving. If they need a little more coaxing to play then toys that bring out the hunter in them can harness their energy and get them moving. Instead of trying to find their own things to do and causing chaos around the house on wet days when they don’t want to go outside, they can throw their own toys around instead. For unsupervised play, toys like the Petsafe Fox Den Cat Toy are great for physically and mentally challenging them.

Interactive Cat Toys

Interactive cat toys like wands and teaser toys not only get your feline friend up and moving to keep them active when they can’t get out and about as much, but they’re also a great way to play with your cat. Sometimes it can be risky business to get involved when their claws are out and playing with a toy, but wand toys that come on a pole are great for getting energetic play out of them without the risk of any fingers getting in the way.
For cats that are super food-oriented and less inclined to chase toys, the Catit Treat Ball Pink might get them up and moving if they get treats or even just their dinner out of it.

Why does my dog or cat bring me toys?

When your pets bring their toys to you, it’s a way of involving you in their play. If a dog brings you a ball, it’s a safe bet they’re asking for a game of fetch since they can’t use words to ask you to join in. Cats will sometimes drag whatever toy they want you to interact with them over to you or if they have a plethora of soft toys to hunt and kill they might be bringing their handiwork over to you to proudly show it off. Maybe if their little mouse is missing a few feathers from the tail, congratulate them on their efforts of a good hunt.
For all the fun interactive and solo toys you need this Autumn to keep your beloved pets entertained and fighting fit, take a look at our wide range of products in store or online.