How to Beat The Monday Blues


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  • What are the Monday blues?
  • How can my pet help with this?
There are always going to be times when your mood might inexplicably drop and some are more predictable than others. It might be the weather changing or something in your life you aren’t able to control but turning to loved ones can always help. Loved ones don’t always have to have two legs and speak the same language as you, they can come in various shapes and sizes. Your furry friends can be just as helpful as your parents, siblings and extended network of friends. They’re always there for you so you can lean on them when you need a little pick me up.

What are the Monday blues?

The Monday blues can come around once a week, every week. You get two days off with no work to worry about and all the time in the world to spend with friends and family before being dragged back to real life. The Monday blues tend to hit and cause a shift in mood because it’s the start of a work week and they can look remarkably long. It’s like standing at the bottom of a mountain and trying to foresee getting over to the other side where you can have a rest again. It doesn’t only affect those who don’t love their job, in fact, you can be working your dream job and still feel a little low at the start of the week. On a Monday you tend to see what the work week looks like and it will usually feel long and hard to get through.

One Monday in particular is famous for being the saddest day of the year. The third Monday of the year in January is officially called Blue Monday, so don’t be surprised if you’re feeling a little lower than usual then. It’s around the time the high of Christmas and celebrating the New Year wears off and everyone is getting used to being back in work and returning to their normal routine. We are creatures of habit and when something exciting like Christmas and New Year happens, trying to get back to normal can be devastating to our mood.

How can my pet help with this?

When you’re struggling with the famous Monday blues, don’t worry, you don’t just have to tough it out and wait for it to be over every week. You can turn to loved ones around you for help and there’s no better companion for cheering you up than your beloved pets. Spending time together is a great stress reliever and mood booster. How can anyone be down in the dumps with their furry friend to cheer them up?
We’ve come up with some ideas to make Mondays a little less painful by spending time with your pets of all sizes and species!

A fun new dog walk

One surefire way to pick your mood up off the ground is going on a nice relaxing walk with your pooch. No matter the season, even when it’s cold out, walking can still be an enjoyable way to feel better.
It’s a commonly known fact that exercise produces endorphins which can have you instantly feeling like the week isn’t piling on top of you. Along with getting a good walk in for your pup, it’s also a great time to practice mindfulness and really slow your thoughts down by taking in your immediate surroundings. It’s much more difficult to be stressed when you’re walking in the countryside or visiting your favourite beach and watching your beloved pet splash through the shallow waves. 
You can either go to a favourite spot that you know is going to relax you or you can find a new and exciting place to go exploring with your pup. Come rain or shine or even if this Blue Monday comes with a sprinkling of snow, dogs still need a walk so you can wrap up warm and go someplace fun with good company. 

Downtime with your pet

Just because you’re done with work for the day doesn’t mean you have to go far or make a lot of effort to lift your mood and give your pet some extra time. One of the most valuable things you can provide your pets is your love and attention. While they will always appreciate any effort you put in, just relaxing with them can do both you and them the world of good without even having to leave the house. If you have small furries like rabbits and guinea pigs that are housed outside, bringing them in for some one-on-one time and a cuddle can be rewarding for them and calming for you. Even just picking out your kitten’s favourite toy and having a play, watching them enjoy themselves chasing a wand or teaser toy can help you to relax.

Spending time with your beloved pets can mean a cuddle, a game or even a nice grooming session but getting your focus on them will always help to put you in a better mood. If you have a new addition to the family, time spent doing things together is an important way to bond with them. Forming a strong bond with them doesn’t just help you but it means if they ever need any kind of veterinary treatment then they’re likely to trust you further down the line. Pets are part of your family so spending time with them will help you recharge and lift your spirit.

Try something new together

If your day-to-day work is the cause of stress then getting out of a rut can be the best cure for a moody Monday. Trying something new will help to put your mind on something else but will have the added benefit of strengthening your bond with your pets if you get them involved. You can do this with any species of pet and it doesn’t matter how big or how small it might be, they’ll still love it. Maybe treat yourself to some new snacks that you’ve never tried and have a taste test.
You can buy your fluffy friend some new goodies too and discover some new favourites together. If you have boxes lying around, especially after Christmas you can build your pet hamster a maze to get through in the living room and have fun together watching them try to navigate through. Your hamster will love every second of getting to use their brain and if there’s a reward at the end, they’ll enjoy it even more.
If you want to be even more adventurous, there are so many activities you can try with your pooch. Take them to a trick training or obedience class to sharpen their skills! If you have an active breed they might even enjoy agility classes. You don’t have to want to compete to join classes, there are plenty of clubs that do obedience or agility for fun and at a beginner level. There are always plenty of new things you can try with your fluffy family member to shift your focus onto something for fun and avoid the Monday blues.
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