Dressing Your Dog For Winter


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  • What to consider when dressing for Winter
  • What should your dog wear?
Winter can be an absolute pain when it starts to descend but once you dust off the winter coat the crisp walks can actually be quite refreshing. Gone is the sticky heat and days where you have to wait for the sun to start going down before you can even get anything done. Having a good winter wardrobe means you don’t have to stop doing all the things you enjoy just because it’s cold out. Your canine companion is no different, they’re still going to want to get out and stretch their legs but might just need some extra warmth to protect them while they do it.
The cold weather doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors all day, your pup will still be rearing to go even if there’s a fresh coating of snow on the ground. You can still walk in the snow, you might just have to make a few alterations to your plan like where you go and how long you stay out. A winter wardrobe is a must if you still want to get your strolls in.

What to consider when dressing for Winter

Dressing your four-legged friends for Winter is no different to picking out your own outfits in the colder months. One outfit might not cut it for every breezy day. Some days are going to be wet but mild, other days might be dry but icy cold and sometimes everything comes at once and it’s raining non stop with bitter winds. These might be the days you have to forego a walk and find ways to entertain your pooch indoors.
The government started naming storms in the UK several years ago. This was done to raise awareness of the most severe weather so people would be more mindful and stay indoors where possible. In 2022 there were four storms severe enough to be named but last year shot up to a total of eight. With increasingly unpredictable weather, it’s always good to be prepared with the right clothes.

What should your dog wear?

Dog clothes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Just like with our own wardrobes, you’re going to need to consider the material and coverage of each jacket or coat. They’re all made for different occasions. A nice little jumper might be great for when it’s cold out but would soak up all the rain and make it nearly impossible for your pooch to stay dry when it’s wet out. How you dress your dog will depend on the weather but also their breed and preferences.

Dog wearing a rain coat with a muddy and wet face.
A German Shepherd with a nice thick coat may never need the thermal layers of a fleecy sweater but would benefit from a waterproof jacket to stop their coat from soaking up all the rain. A greyhound on the other hand needs all the extra warmth they can possibly get in the winter months with their thin coat and thin skin!

Waterproof jacket

For the wet weather a jumper might not cut it and you need something that’s going to let the water roll off your pup’s coat. They might not need the warmest jacket on a rainy day but a thin layer that keeps them dry is ideal for a soggy day. A waterproof coat like Rufus & Rosie Protect-A-Suit offers a nice thin layer that is entirely water resistant. It also benefits from very thorough coverage as it even has legs to help keep the mud and rain from getting to them. Dogs with feathered fur along their legs like spaniels benefit from some extra protection so you don’t have to bathe them after every walk and short-coated pups will appreciate not getting wet and muddy all over. A jacket that offers such good cover means you can still enjoy some of the same walks you did in the summer with the added protection.
If you walk your four-legged friend on a harness but you don’t want to get that wet on miserable days, this Rufus & Rosie Full Harness Jacket is a great solution. It’s both waterproof and has a built in harness so you don’t have to get any of their walking gear wet and muddy. While it dries from your walk you can still take them out using their normal walking equipment.

Insulated dog coat

Being warm doesn’t always have to mean foregoing fashion trends and the Rufus & Rosie Pink Reversable Puffer Jacket is testament to that. Every winter, we dig out our biggest, thickest coat to keep warm and there’s no reason why you can’t do the same for your beloved pet. The puffer jacket only insulates the body so it’s ideal for striking that balance between keeping warm but not overheating. It allows for a full range of movement with its sleeveless design so your pup can run around to their heart’s desire and not feel stuffy in their winter jacket.
Another option for keeping warm and protecting your pooch from a drizzle is the Rufus & Rosie Padded Jacket. It’s a great choice for dogs who might be new to wearing clothes with easy velcro fastening so there’s no squeezing it over their head. It’s easy to put on and doesn’t restrict them at all so even a novice with a limited wardrobe can feel comfortable while keeping dry and warm.

Dog jumper

For days when it might not be too wet out and you’re not going on a challenging walk that requires extra protection, a sweater like the Rufus & Rosie Knitted Jumper is perfect for just keeping the chill off. Jumpers are great for allowing some extra comfort if it’s not too cold or wet out but there might be a bit of a chilly wind every now and again. The soft wool material is great for even short coated pups whose skin may get agitated by some materials while also being nice and breathable.

Dog playing in the snow wearing a red jumper.

Dog fleece

Fleece dog coats and jumpers are great for the coldest of days as they trap heat in better than any material. The Rufus & Rosie Fleece Jumper Medium Various Colours is a super warm jumper that will keep your pooch comfortable in the most bitter winds and you can still enjoy your walks. Sometimes it feels like you spend all day waiting for the rain to let up only to go out and suffer freezing temperatures. A warm fleece means you and your pooch can make the most out of any dry spells and get your walk in with all the protection you need. Not only is it very warm but it’s also lightweight and not too bulky when wearing, you can still put your pup’s regular harness over the top!
Another fleece option is the Rufus & Rosie Fleece Hoodie which has the added benefit of a cute hood to help weather the worst of the wind and keep your pooch feeling as snug as a bug.
Winter doesn’t have to mean constant baths or drying off fur whenever it rains which feels like it’s almost every day when you live in the UK. With the right dog walking coat, you and your four-legged friend can still enjoy your walks no matter the weather.