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  • Why use cat dental treats?
  • What are the best cat dental treats?
  • Other ways to help keep teeth clean
Part of caring for your beloved pets is keeping them healthy so that they can live a long and happy life. Caring for their well-being means several different things. It means taking them to the vet for preventative treatments or whenever they might hurt themselves. It means picking the perfect diet that will give them all the nutrients they need and providing all the toys they should want to keep them happy and active.
When you don’t meet your pet’s needs, their health can gradually become compromised. They may lack in certain vitamins or minerals which can cause deficiencies or their joints can suffer from being overweight and not getting enough activity in. Without proper care, they can get sick and their condition may suffer. Just as with humans, without proper dental care, their teeth may not see them through their whole life. Unlike humans, cats can’t opt for dentures.

Why use cat dental treats?

In an ideal world, we would all be able to brush our feline friend’s teeth however getting a cat used to toothbrushing can be quite the task. It first takes getting them used to close handling which will usually mean some form of restriction. Your kitty will have to get used to the taste of pet toothpaste although it’s usually meaty flavoured for them to enjoy. The hardest part is usually getting them to be comfortable with having bristles against their teeth. It can be a foreign feeling so it can take a while to get comfortable with it and even longer for older cats who have never experienced anything similar.

Cat staring with it's mouth slightly open.
Dental treats and chews are a great way to bridge the gap for kittens who are only learning starting to learn how to have their teeth cleaned or even for older cats who just won’t tolerate it. Many cats who were previously feral might never be comfortable being closely handled let alone having their teeth cleaned, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help them. Cat dental treats will help to keep your feline friend’s teeth clean, even if you can’t get close enough to give them a good brush.

How do cat dental treats work?

Cat dental treats rely on both plaque-fighting ingredients along with a dry and crunchy texture to help keep teeth nice and clean. You might think your canine companions have more of a choice of dental chews but cats rarely want to sit and chew on something for long periods while dogs actively enjoy it. Our kitty pals prefer smaller treats they can eat within a minute that taste delicious. With this in mind, there are a selection of treats available that are specifically for helping to reduce plaque but many treats can also help even if they’re not made with that in mind.

What are the best cat dental treats?

The best cat dental treats are designed for helping to keep their teeth clean. They can come in different shapes and textures but are all beneficial to keeping teeth nice and pearly white. The best treats for dental health will target plaque and minimise build up.

Dentalife Cat Treats Dental Chews Salmon

Dentalife Cat Treats Dental Chews Salmon are made to have a delicious, porous texture. The large air pockets make it a great choice for scraping plaque off the surface of the teeth. They don’t just benefit their teeth but the recipe contains added taurine to promote brain health and help to meet their daily requirements. There are no added artificial preservatives or colourants so you can be assured that your kitty isn’t eating anything that could be harmful.
Your beloved pet can have multiple treats a day to get the most benefit out of the dental treats. A cat weighing 2.5kg should not have more than 17 treats a day but they will always be left wanting more, that’s for sure.

Dreamies Pouch with Tasty Chicken

Dreamies Pouch with Tasty Chicken is a scrumptious classic treat for cats. They’re made from a dry, crumbly biscuit with a creamy filling inside. Not all cats, especially if yours has a predominantly wet food diet will take to dry dental biscuits. The soft centre of Dreamies will tempt even the fussiest of eaters to try and then once they bite into them, they will want to finish the whole bag. At only two calories a biscuit, they can be incorporated into every cat’s diet, even those that are watching their waistline. The recipe is made with your cat’s health in mind only using nutritionally valuable animal derivatives and vegetable extracts. They give your kitty a boost in protein while satisfying their natural cravings with the dual texture of each treat.
Like all crunchy food, the texture is perfect for helping cats to keep their teeth nice and clean. As they bite into it, it scrapes against their gnashers and works in a similar way to brushing their teeth. For many cats, just getting something crunchy that they have to chew into their diet can really benefit their oral health.

Pets Unlimited Chicken Snacks Cat Treats

Pets Unlimited Chicken Snacks Cat Treats are 100% natural and are a high protein and super healthy treat. They’re great for any calorie-conscious kitty and are highly palatable and easy to digest. Even cats who may turn their nose up at most other treats will be tempted by these chewy chicken snacks. The chewy texture means your cat will have to work a little harder when eating these treats which will benefit their pearly whites. Some feline friends are great at barely chewing their food while they eat so giving them something chewy will help to make them eat slower and take the time to make sure they’re scrubbing their teeth as they eat.

Cat with an open mouth.
They’re another great option for cats that don’t need to gain any extra weight as they’re low in fat and a healthy all-around treat that also benefits their gnashers!

Other ways to help keep teeth clean

There are many ways to help keep your kitty’s teeth clean including regular brushing but for those who are in the process of gradually introducing the idea, a mixture of both healthy dental treats and toys can help to take care of their oral health. While cats play, they will naturally chew and bite their toys so having toys that are satisfying to chomp their teeth into will only further benefit their dental hygiene. Toys like the KONG Cat Active Wild Tails Assorted Cat Toy will encourage their chase instincts and once they’re caught with their fun and fluffy prey, they will not doubt go in for the kill and bite them. A healthy amount of play can help to keep their teeth clean but also feeding a predominantly dry or raw diet has been proven to also benefit dental health.
Both raw and dry food help to keep teeth nice and clean if partnered with some great teeth cleaning treats. You won’t have to worry about your kitten’s oral health as you get them used to cleaning their teeth. For all of your kitty teeth cleaning needs, visit us in store and online for the best deals.