Gosport Neighbourhood Vet

Neighbourhood Vet

Jollyes Neighbourhood Vet in Gosport has opened its doors to the public. Situated in the South of England, it is the first of Jollyes Pet Superstore to include an in-store veterinary practice. 

Pets and their owners can now find more veterinary services that are easily accessible every day of the week. The Neighbourhood Vet includes services and treatments from neutering, spaying, microchipping to free health checks and pet nail clipping. 

Jollyes Neighbourhood Vet is a brand new, fully equipped practice with qualified Veterinary Practitioners, a Registered Vet Nurse, and a Veterinary Care Assistant. 

You can now find all your pet supplies, pet spa, pampering and grooming, and veterinary service at our Jollyes Pet Superstore Gosport. 

Puppy and Kitten Starter Pack


Give them the best beginning with a Puppy and Kitten Starter Pack

First vaccination course
Kennel cough vaccine for puppies
Flea Treatment (one month FREE)
Worming treatment (one month FREE)


Your vet will be able to advise when it is safe for your pet to venture outside.

Your kitten’s and puppy’s primary vaccinations do not protect them throughout their adulthood, so they will need booster vaccinations every year to maintain their levels of protection.


Having a course of vaccinations is a great way of helping ensure your puppy or dog is healthy, happy and disease free. This is a list of our vaccinations with full health check

Second vaccination £35.00
Annual booster (incl kennel cough vacc) £65.00
Annual booster (no kennel cough vacc) £45.00
Kennel cough vaccine only £25.00
Adult Dog restart vaccination course (inc kennel cough vacc) £80.00
Adult dog restart vaccination course (no krnnrl cough vacc) £60.00


Having a course of vaccinations is a great way of helping ensure your kitten or cat is healthy, happy and disease free. This is a list of our vaccinations with full health check

Second vaccination £35.00
Annual booster (outdoor cat) £42.00
Annual booster (indoor cat - no leukemia vacc) £35.00


Having a course of vaccinations is a great way of helping ensure your rabbit is healthy, happy and disease free. This is a list of our vaccinations with full health check

Vaccination Pack £60.00
MYXO/VHD1 (Myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic disease) £35.00
VHD2 (Viral Haemorrhagic Disease) £35.00


From eight weeks of age your kitten can be vaccinated and will need to return in three to four weeks for a second vaccination. 

• Feline infectious enteritis

• Viral respiratory disease (cat flu)

• Feline leukaemia


When your puppy is eight weeks old, they can have their first vaccination, and they will need to have this repeated two weeks later.

• Distemper

• Leptospirosis

• Hepatitis

• Parvovirus

• Kennel cough



Puppies and kittens find everything exciting. As a result, they are often unaware of their environment and start adventuring into new surroundings. Back in 2016 in the UK, it became a legal requirement for all dogs aged eight weeks or more to be microchipped, and for up-to-date contact details to be on the associated national database. Failure to do so can result in a £500 fine. In the unfortunate event of your pet going missing, microchipping is one of the best ways of guaranteeing you will be reunited with them as soon as possible. The microchip is roughly the size of a grain of rice and is implanted just under the skin of your pet. Each microchip has a unique code that can be identifi ed by a scanner. All you need to do is keep your details up-to-date on a national database. If you are separated from your pet for any reason, the microchip greatly increases the likelihood of your pet being safely returned home.

Jollyes Vet Puppy start pack
As your kitten and puppy like to roam free, we recommend you get your pet microchipped to give you peace of mind

Benefits of Microchipping

• Increased chance of being reunited if you become separated

• Gives you peace of mind, allowing your pet to roam

• Reduces likelihood of pet being stolen and/or sold

• Helps settle arguments over ownership

Jollyes Vet Puppy start pack

Flea and Worm Treatment

Regularly treating your puppy or kitten against fleas and worms is an important part of keeping them happy and


Although fleas and worms are common parasites in animals, they can be distressing and sometimes life-threatening if left untreated.

A flea infestation is both unpleasant for your pet and can lead to skin irritation, infected scabs, and in some instances lead to a critical loss of blood. Our veterinary team can prescribe effective treatments to prevent or cure fleas when used on a regular basis.

An infestation of worms can cause poor growth, weight loss, a pot-bellied appearance, sickness and diarrhoea. Our veterinary team recommend worming kittens and puppies more frequently than adult cats and dogs. Our vets can help you decide on the best treatments depending on local disease prevalence as well as lifestyle. 

Speak to one of our veterinary team to discuss the best flea and worming treatments for your pet to keep them protected, happy and healthy.



By neutering your dog, you will be able to minimise the risk of prostate cancer and enable your dog to minimise the act of aggression towards other dogs.

Dog NeuteringPrice
Bitch Spay for Dogs <10kg £185
Bitch Spay <20kg £200
Bitch Spay <40kg £250
Bitch Spay <60kg £300
Dog castration for Dogs <10kg £140
Dog Castration <20kg £150
Dog Castration <30kg £170
Dog Castration <30kg £170
Dog Castration <40kg £180


Neutering your Cat

Cat NeuteringPrice
Castration £50
Castration (with microchip) £60
Spay flank £65
Spay flank (with microchip) £75
Spay early pregnant £85
Spay early pregnant (with microchip) £95


Neutering your Rabbit

Rabbit NeuteringPrice
Spay £80
Castration £65