Johnson's Veterinary

Johnson’s veterinary pet products include a wide range of cat, dog, small animal and wild bird treatments. Johnson’s food treats are available for small animals such as hamster, gerbil, rabbit, rat, mouse, and also birds including parakeet, cockatiel, budgie, canary and chicken.

Johnson's 4fleas for Dogs and Cats

Johnson’s 4fleas spot-on is a highly effective, rapid, monthly spot-on treatment to help kill fleas on cats and dogs. It prevents fleas from biting in as little as 3-5 minutes and is fast acting. It also kills larvae within 20 minutes of contact of the 4fleas spot-on treatment. Johnson's Veterinary Fipronil is a fast acting flea and tick treatment which works up to 5 months on your dog or cat. Johnson’s 4fleas treatment also works at home where you can choose from 4fleas household spray or 4fleas room fogger.

Johnson's Veterinary Healthcare

Johnson’s veterinary medical products include healthcare products for your dog, cat, small animal, bird and poultry. Products include tea tree skin calm, travel-eze tablets, hairball remedy, diamond eyes, anti-scratch spray. Johnson's healthcare products for caged birds include anti-peck pump spray, scaly lotion, super plume, poultry mite and lice powder and much more.

Johnson's Hygiene & Cleaning

Johnson's veterinary products can be utilised in many of your pets abodes including small animal, cat, dog, bird, reptile and poultry. Johnson's hygiene and cleaning products include disinfectants, anti-bacterial sprays, cleaners and deodorants which can be used on hutches, cages and pet bedding. These include Johnson's poultry housing spray, Johnson's clean 'n' safe sprays, stain and odour removers, and cat litter tray disinfectant.

Johnson's Pet Grooming

Johnson's grooming aids includes shampoos, conditioning sprays, dry shampoos, treatment shampoos. The award winning Johnson's manuka honey shampoo and conditioner is suitable to use on all pets including dog, cats, small animals and also horses. There are plenty of different shampoos to choose from for problem-specific or general use. Pick from aloe vera, cat flea shampoo, dog flea insecticidal, puppy and kitten shampoo.