Is Your Small Pet Winter Ready?

Small animals living outside can be especially prone to chills during winter. Choose a hutch that minimises exposure to wind and rain, provides sheltered space to stretch their legs during the day, and warm, snug sleeping quarters for freezing cold nights.

If your small pet lives outside, it’s especially important to secure their hutch to protect against the cold, wind and rain. Choose a cover that will fit snugly, provide good ventilation, and enable easy access for feeding, cleaning and playing.

Small animals love burrowing down into bedding materials, especially when it’s cold. Provide them with bedding that is natural, absorbent, controls odour and won’t break down into dust particles on cleaning. Clean the hutch and replace bedding regularly.

Small animals lose heat quickly. On cold, wintry nights, a heat mat keeps the chill off the floor and protects them from hypothermia, especially if they’re outdoors. Choose a heat mat that is weather-proof, chew-resistant, durable and easy to clean.

Hydration is key to the health of small animals and it is important to keep up the water supply, come rain or shine. Make sure the bottle attaches securely to the hutch, is weather-resistant, won't leak and doesn't drench them when they go to drink.